Additional Tools


Full control over the financial side of your site, including:

  • All invoices raised
  • All fees payments received
  • Custom date search
  • Income total
  • Pending fees total

Send your registered users a newsletter. When composing your newsletter you can specify whether it is to be sent to all users or those who fall into the following

  • All users
  • Active users only
  • Suspended users only
  • Users with stores

Create vouchers with multiple options including:

  • Create a voucher/coupon name
  • Create a custom voucher/coupon code
  • Specify the percentage reduction (from 1% to 100%)
  • Specify an expiration date (if applicable)
  • Specify the number of uses the voucher/coupon has (or unlimited)
Word Filter

Add specific words you wish to ban. For example you may wish to ban certain words from being used by sellers, should a seller use such a word it will be automatically replaced. For example if you add the word [Book], should a seller list an item with the title of “Book for sale”, it would be automatically filtered as “@#~= for sale”.

Shipping Carriers

Enable the following Worldwide shipping carriers, when enabled buyers on your site can calculate live shipping rates and available services from the sellers location to their delivery address.