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General Account Settings

Select Billing Mode

PHP Pro Bid has two billing modes available:

  1. Live Payment Mode (Pay as you go)
  2. Account Mode (account balance)

(1) Live Payment Mode

If opting for live payment mode users are required to submit payment for any fees incurred immediately. For example, should you charge a listing fee of $2.00 the seller would need to pay this amount before the item goes live on your site. Likewise, if you charge a 10% fee on any sold items this fee must be paid before the end of sale options are available to the buyer/seller (without fee payment the buyer cannot pay the seller or access the messaging/invoice features). Once the fee is paid all of these options are automatically activated.

(2) Account Mode

If preferring account mode all fees incurred are added to the users account balance. For example, should you charge a listing fee of $2.00 this amount is added to the users balance. If the $2.00 added does not result in the user exceeding their available credit (admin controlled) the item will be set live immediately. If the fee does take the user over their credit limit they can simply add credit/pay off their balance to activate the item. For any sale commission fee you charge it works the same way in that the fee amount is added to the users account balance.

Account modes gives you additional control over users billing settings including:

  • Offering an optional registration credit i.e. “Register today and receive $5.00 free credit”, any free credit is applied against site fees only.
  • Set the maximum debit limit – for example if you set this to $15.00 any user who owes $15.00 or more can be suspended (as will any activity such as open items for sale etc). Once they clear their balance their account will be automatically re-activated (as will all items etc). You can choose whether or not you wish to automatically suspend users who go over credit or set a “Grace Period”, for example give sellers [X] days to make payment before their account is suspended (X is set within the admin area also).
  • Re-Bill stores automatically – if a user has a store subscription you can opt to automatically re-bill the subscription amount when it becomes due. Alternatively it can be left to the user to manually renew (stores are disabled automatically if the user fails to renew when their account expires).