How do you know if you have succeeded?
Returning customers.
They come back because your site allows them to select and buy, in a few clicks, the desired product.

User experience is always the deal-breaker for any online business. Without understanding client behavior and anticipating user needs no site will last long. It doesn't matter that you have a good product if it's buried under endless clicks.

And we're exactly in the business of making things easy. Our platform facilitates your access to a wide range of opportunities so you can handle several businesses at once. Plus, it's easy to use both for admins and clients, with a particular focus on user engagement.

Rest assured that even in the shadow of giants there's room to grow.

And that's because some sellers might fell that their products are not visible enough and decide to move their business to other platforms. When something like this happens you must be ready and offer them the same services as the big players.

It's not a relegation into a secondary league but a realignment for better business.

Gold Rush Marketplace
Gold Rush Marketplace

Rarely does one find a site that is both business and entertainment.

Most players excel at one, and if it guarantees clients then they don't bother with the other.

The site below is an example of how to struck gold (pun intended). The combination between heavy machines and dirtpacks with gold is always a winner.

It's more than fun.

If you're looking to create such a site please take a look below. And remember, always keep it simple. You're not supposed to invent the wheel.

But it also works the other way.

Think outside the box: Gather clients with diverse interests.

Handmade is an exciting new territory. Why not bring, customers and producers, under one roof?

And because of the uniqueness of the products shoppers are even more likely to buy more than one item. It's easy to see how one can spend a lot of time just browsing the site and unexpectedly find a full shopping cart.

Blueprint for a successful auction: interesting products and passionate buyers that don't care about the final price.

Best thing about niches? Only devoted buyers.

Tested niche: craft beer and beer-related products. Our platform turned out to be the perfect match. Easy site management, custom visual work and auctions features - a business that thrives through auction battles.

Mimi Fishman Foundation
Mimi Fishman Foundation

It takes an indie business to design a good auction software for an indie foundation.

The Mimi Fishman Foundation (mother of Jon Fishman, Phish drummer) wanted to integrate an auction platform for Phish memorabilia.

Everything for a good cause.

Naturally, we had to create something that would seamlessly blend with their site. Take a look and you'll see that, no matter the domain of activity - profit or nonprofit -, we can help.

It's your turn to act.

HIP Comic
HIP Comic

Benefits of finding the right niche: always profitable and easy to manage. had to be more than a comics site. They wanted to be a gathering place both for devout fans and newbies. It's good business to have a following, but it's always better to permanently attract new clients.

The result?

The site is constantly growing because it has a broad appeal. It doesn't discriminate against new collectors. One can search and buy the wanted magazine or just browse for fun. Either way, it's simple to navigate, easy to use, and has an efficient shopping process.

Choose your niche and you'll see just how profitable is.

Highbury Auctions (Arsenal FC)
Highbury Auctions (Arsenal FC)

How to sell history, piece by piece?

By keeping everything simple.

We had one task: Make it easy for Arsenal fans to bid for Highbury parts (chairs, fittings, etc).

Nothing was left to chance: we understood, from the start, we had to adapt. It wasn't business, but an opportunity for the Arsenal community to celebrate memories. Thus, both the site and the auction page were filled with pictures of the old stadium.

As long as you learn how to adjust your business to different opportunities you'll be OK.