Below is a small selection of client reviews received since the original launch of PHP Pro Bid in 2000.

I have been so pleased with the service and product of this company. I highly recommend PHP Pro Bid Auction Script Software to everyone wanting to start their own auction. The service has been wonderful. They are very professional, understanding and extremely quick to respond to my e-mails. They have been so helpful and patient with me and my request. I looked at three other Auction Programs before deciding on PHP Pro Bid. I am most certain that I chose the correct one. Even a friend of mine that runs a large online auction has been very impressed with the service PHP Pro Bid has given me. Plus he could not believe that I paid less than half of the amount he paid for less service support and site functions. I just bought my second PHP Pro Bid auction script for my second auction site.

Stephen B

We have used PHPProbid auction software since December 2004. It's first class, but more than that the back-up customer service is also unmatched. They keep improving the software! Just when you think it can't get any better they come up with something new and even more innovative. Superb product, marvellous customer services, incredible development team.

Vank Sed

We recently switched to PHP Probid, giving up a hugely expensive rival that was nowhere near as good. I truly cannot stress enough how good this package is. I would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend this product. The support is excellent. The Probid is extremely helpful and Mods for this package are in abundance, Many of them free. No I don't work for Probid lol. I am just that impressed with it :) Take care! Bruce

Bruce T

What a superb script great company brilliant support. I emailed these guy's and asked lots of questions. I checked out other sites using this software then went away for a think. I purchased the software and it installed so smoothly straight from the box I added my SSL cert changed the logo and presto I have a fully functional auction site without even getting my hands dirty, not one line of code to edit just install and go. I have spent a lot of time and money on auction scripts believe me and this is the best there is.

Future Web

I have been using PPB for a year now. The support is superb, the software has improved in leaps and bounds - so much so, it is virtually unrecognisable from when I first purchased it - I can't praise this program enough!

DK Kirsty J

The script is fantastic and as close to plug & go as you can possibly get. On top of that though is the support which is nothing short of superb. I'm delighted I found it.

AM Palian

This software, for the price and support has got to be the best on the market. Strong community support coupled with awesome assistance from the probid team ensures you'll have no problems with this software.

Best Bids

We switched to PHP Probid! We have to say that this is a very professional script with a VERY good customer support! Trouble Tickets are normally answered in less than 30 minutes.

I can do nothing but praise the product and level of support. It really is 11 out of 10! I honestly can say that this is the best product that I have ever purchased, and I have purchased a lot of products. Keep up the excellent work!

OZ Trader

I'm a professional Web Developer with, a USA based company... We chose phpprobid to meet the needs of one of our customers. Assessment Support: Excellent and Timely Code: Very Organized and Clean Custom Coding Request: Excellent and Reasonably Priced Features: Everything you'd expect Thanks PHPProBid! Gene Ballard

Gene Ballard

PHPProBid is a world class product that we chose to base our auction site on, after a lot of market research and review of competing products. The team at PHPProBid give exceptional service and nothing is too much to ask - not that the product requires a lot of support. The product is a highly stable business centric software which is easy to administer using the excellent Admin interface with good navigation cues. I rate this product highly.

iPod Nanny

PHP Pro Bid is hand down the best deal out there. I did a lot of research before buying and was initially skeptical because the price was so low compared to other software with comparable features. However, the reviews I read won me over and I tried it. Glad I did. Support is EXCELLENT with quick and helpful replies. Install was a breeze and customization was doable even for a luddite like me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Cubic Dissection

PHP Pro Bid is an excellent auction script. I have tried many scripts and event tried building my own but they either had lots of bugs, couldn't get any support or ignored my emails. The Customer Service has been outstanding. I have been using this script for nearly 2 years and am still running 6.02 version, getting ready to upgrade shortly, frankly I was amazed there was still an update ongoing. 5 Star Script in my opinion. Dont waste your time, buy this one, you will be very glad you did!

AZ Side Winder LLP

After looking at a bunch of auction scripts and reading your reviews here on hotscripts I found this script and have been absolutely amazed. It's incredibly sophisticated. Has every auction feature you could ever want. And support has been wonderful. I've just asked them if there's a way to make a little customization and they were right on it. Didn't give me a hard time or anything. It's an impressive product with impressive support. And almost as many features as ebay!


I first came into websites not knowing anything about building php javascript mysql and phpmyadmin. at first I hesitated spending the money for it, but sometimes you just have to take a chance. What I got was a nice neat and perfectly orchestrated website that can more than pay for the price of what i paid. Its step by step installation guided me through the whole process and was pretty much just point and click to set it up. The customer support is CRAZY FAST. If i run into an issue i submit a ticket telling them what is wrong and they answer back within minutes. They have even worked on my website remotely and securely to help me fix things that I can not. So pretty much being the novice that I am, when i accidentally delete all of my category files and didn't know how to fix it I submitted a ticket they asked for my information, and just a couple minutes later they had fixed it.... UNHEARD OF QUALITY OF SUPPORT! if you are skeptical just go to their website and try their demo. It doesnt cost anything and shows you what your website will look like and how it will work! Thanks, Jeff Tackett

Jeff Tackett

With no experience in website design or website startup I contacted local companies for quotes on designing a website. Then I was referred to php pro bid, not only did they have what I was looking for, they saved me thousands of dollars, they created a super company logo and website. With customizing available I now have exactly what I wanted. But above and beyond all that, the customer service and support I receive is second to none. I usually get my questions or concerns corrected with minutes. I would recommend there service to anyone that needs there services.

FD Trade LTD

Would just like to point out that the team that has developed this script have also the best support that any one can have. It is second to none for support it has a friendly forum as well. The script does what is says and has a lot more features than a lot of other auction scripts. Response has never been more than an hour and they do sort out the problems before they retire for the day which has been known to be 3 in the morning. So in other words excellent script, excellent support and finally you will not go wrong with there hosting either. Well done and keep the good work going.

Lynik LLP

I am new to online business and I actually bought two license from them because I was so impressed. I bugged the hell out of them with customer support questions that all wound up being things I hadn't input correctly. I sent an email last night at 9:30 PM CST and got a solution at 9:35 PM CST. Its been like that the whole time i've been contacting them. The software hasn't given me any issues and i'm thrilled. I would buy another product from them without blinking!

Ceasar Hou

The software is fun to use and the customer support was amazing!!! Every time I wrote, I received a response in record time. All questions were answered! All the help I wanted was given! The customization I asked for went far beyond anything I expected. I was more than happy with everything! If only every aspect of dealing with businesses over the internet was this pleasant, we'd all be better off. I cannot thank them enough. I do not hesitate to recommend them for a second.

Beasley Chestnut

I checked out every auction script known to man and took months checking them all out, I mean uploading and configuring the ones that would let me. This one is by far the best. Ease of installation, support is right on it when you need help too. Best of all, the administration panel is easy to understand. Don't waste your time and money, this is the one you need, take it from an experienced webmaster.

Click This One LTD

I did research for about 3 months before settling on an Auction Script. My First thought was customer service, how fast would I receive an answer after I asked a question. Trust me I had plenty of questions, some Script owners started ignoring me, were rude and even turned to jackasses. Every time that I contacted PHP Pro Bid I received an answer withing minutes, not days or weeks like the others. I purchased the PHP Pro Bid Software in August of 2009 and it was installed the same day. I have had several Problems working with it (my fault not the software) and each time one of them has come to my Rescue within Minutes of emailing him. I have never had to wait over 10 minutes at any time. I am in the US and they are in the UK, I know you guys have to sleep sometime given the time difference. I would Recommend PHP Pro Bid Software to anyone over any existing software on the Market today. They Care about their Product and more importantly they care about their Customers.


I have been very impressed with both the script and the level of service received from the guys at PHP Pro Bid. The software was installed by the team onto my site over the weekend, around 1 hour after completing the order. They have been very happy to support me on a number of configuration items and have done a superb job getting my auction site up and running. I would happily recommend.

Like Bikes LLP

I purchased this software a few weeks ago now and would like to say how impressed I am with it. It comes with masses of features, many that can be enabled/disabled or customised, its easy to set up (novice myself) and its simple to personalise. But the reason I am taking the time to write this review is due to the customer service. I noticed last night I didn't have the bulklister software bundled with my software so emailed PhpProbid at 1am. At 1.15am I had a reply telling me where in there client area I could download this application and also offering to set it up for me. I mailed them back my ftp and admin settings along with custom graphics I wanted built in and by 3am they had customised and installed the software on my servers. Best customer service I have ever received on the internet.

David Johnson

I purchased PHP Pro Bid the end of June 2011 after being burned by a different and more expensive auction script company. Let me say that I couldn't be more happy with this script and especially the support I have received. Any problem or question I have had implementing this script have been dealt with very quickly.

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