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User End:- Admin:-

   Username:- admin
   Password:- 123456
351My sales - Grouped the purchases - Check itemsDeferred Task Description

Upon the sale of multiple items to the same person, we are able to group all purchases on one invoice. We can not by cons to withdraw one or more items of this invoice, by unchecking a box. This could be useful for example, if an item can not be shipped with the others, because of its volume or weight. Or an item that the buyer wishes no longer to acquire.

350Add a visual (icon) for the feedback on the members are...Deferred Task Description

It is quite complicated to follow the feedback that we have left, those to be left in relation to the items sold.

An visual for the feedbacks in “/members/ selling/sales” would be greatly appreciated.

 349  Create Listing > Listing Preview ~ Fee for the Listing  ...Closed Task Description

On the page "Listing Preview" it appears:
Listing Media Free
Digital Downloads Free

These 2 functions are in zero in the admin, they are deactivated.

Digital Downloads [0]
Number of Videos [0]

 348  Address Display Format Closed Task Description

Would it be possible to have a type format:
Address, Zip Code, City, Country, [County/State]

 347  Problem with calculating the percentage of feedback. Closed Task Description

The NEUTRAL rating is considered a negative feedback in the calculation of the percentage, what is totally absurd in my opinion. Something that is neutral, remain neutral, and should not go into account in calculating the percentage of feedback.

Previously on v6.xx versions, the neutral feedbacks were not counted for the percentage calculation, why that changed with the v7.xx?

 346  Listing display by relevance Closed Task Description

With this display, which classifies items by number, it gives a "static" effect for certain category, if they not too many novelties.

Is it not possible to have a sorting differently, or a "random" relevance which does not base itself on the numbers items.

345Two email addresses for our sites (email admin & email ...Deferred Task Description

It would be nice to have two email addresses for our sites.

The administrator email (Admin Email Address: as at present, but also an email address that is reserved for messages sent automatically. This way we could independently manage mails sent to support (customer service), and automatic mail, with an address style (

344To secures administrationDeferred Task Description

When sending a message to a user since the administration console, the username of the administrator, which is also the username of connection to the administration, appears as the sender of the message.

I find it dangerous to reveal the username of the administrator in email exchanges with the user from the administration console. Hackers have only the password at find, as the name for the connection is public and visible to all.

We should have the opportunity to choose a username to connect to the administration console, and for the management of messages with users, another username.

For example:

Login username to admin: myadminusername
Username to send mail from the admin: TeamPPB

 343  Create Listing with "Scheduled" Closed Task Description

When you arrived on the page "Listing Preview" there is no indication of the date and time of setting scheduled sale.

342Admin disable options.Deferred Task Description

Disable the options:

- Home Page Featuring
- Category Pages Featuring
- Highlighted Item
- Reserve Price

 341  Separate the sentences and the words for better transla ...Closed Task Description

Home page:
Recently Listed
Ending Soon

Members Area:
In the menu (Selling)
- Open
- Closed
- Scheduled

In the menu (Feedback)
- Received

In /members/selling/browse/scheduled
The button → Open

There must be others :)

 340  Cache - Problem with the pictures of the same name Closed Task Description

If 2 sellers upload a picture of the same name, there is a conflict in the cache. The product picture of the seller 1, are found on product of the seller 2.

 339  Problem with Pinterest Closed Task Description

Unable to share on Pinterest, product image is not displayed.

 338  Folder access "unprotected" from URL Closed Task Description


It is possible to have access to this page, it is even referenced by Google

Best regards,

 316  store link image Closed Task Description

Would be great for site exposure to allow a store to add a link to their site etc to view items on my "ppb" site, Possibly admin has the right to upload the picture.

 238  [Admin] Disable -> Start Time & End Time  Closed Task Description

We should have the option to disable these two options.

 213  Terms and Conditions Box Closed Task Description

Settings » Listings Settings » Global Settings » Terms and Conditions Box
dont have mult language

 207  How to turn off Adverts ? Closed Task Description

In the admin, it is not possible to disable the banners, we can remove or modify them, but not disable them.

 205  Admin logout ! Closed Task Description

How to log out?

 204  Question on item Closed Task Description

One member asked a question about an item, I reply, but the site tells me that the title field is empty. Ok, but my message has been deleted in passing.

Is it necessary that the seller tells a new title?

 203  If the seller delete invoice Closed Task Description

The buyer no longer has any visual or track of the item, because the invoice is also deleted from his account.

 202  Track this package -> Error 404 Closed Task Description

 198  Admin -> Error with custom field Closed Task Description

I set up the values for the Records sizes, 7(inch) 10 and 12 with double quote '', and after update, there were these errors.

197Close auctions before end time with bid(s)Deferred Task Description

If there is a bid placed, it would be interesting to have the choice to close the auction without selling the item, as is currently the case, but also have the ability to assign the item to the highest bidder.

 196  Meta description Closed Task Description

It would be better to take into account the 160/165 first characters of the description of the object, and not the title and the name of the category, as is currently the case.

Moreover, the canonical link of the object is now essential
<link rel="canonical" href="" />

195Relist closed itemDeferred Task Description

It is no longer possible to select the duration?

Furthermore, when relisting, it would be interesting to schedule the items, so to have the possibility to modify the price, title, description, etc.

 194  My sale -> Edit invoice (Warning) Closed Task Description

When I edit the invoice, there is a warning, at the bottom of page.

 187  Stuctured data with Closed Task Description

Google, Bing and Yandex, use more structured data, it will in the near future to implement these tags in the code, to improve the visibility of items in the search engines.

 186  Confirm bid with thumbnail image Closed Task Description

A picture of the item on the bid confirm page would be very convenient.

 185  Listing -> Fatal error Closed Task Description

 184  Members area -> Selling -> Reserve price and reserve no ...Closed Task Description

It would be nice to indicate the reserve price and also indicate when there is one or more auction, if the reserve price has been reaches or not.

 183  Members area -> Selling Closed Task Description


The username and the country is not very useful in these sections.

 182  Admin -> edit system emails (French) Closed Task Description

There are two languages that are used, the French and English, but it is not possible to access the French language for emails, only English is available.

 181  Regions of France (France métropolitaine) -> State/Coun ...Closed Task Description

Here is the list of regions of France if you are interested.

France métropolitaine:

Pays de la Loire

and the corresponding French departments, if necessary!

(67) Bas-Rhin
(68) Haut-Rhin
(24) Dordogne
(33) Gironde
(40) Landes
(47) Lot-et-Garonne
(64) Pyrénées-Atlantiques
(03) Allier
(15) Cantal
(43) Haute-Loire
(63) Puy-de-Dôme
(14) Calvados
(50) Manche
(61) Orne
(21) Côte-d'Or
(58) Nièvre
(71) Saône-et-Loire
(89) Yonne
(22) Côtes-d'Armor
(29) Finistère
(35) Ille-et-Vilaine
(56) Morbihan
(18) Cher
(28) Eure-et-Loir
(36) Indre
(37) Indre-et-Loire
(41) Loir-et-Cher
(45) Loiret
(08) Ardennes
(10) Aube
(51) Marne
(52) Haute-Marne
(2A) Corse-du-Sud
(2B) Haute-Corse
(25) Doubs
(39) Jura
(70) Haute-Saône
(90) Territoire de Belfort
(27) Eure
(76) Seine-Maritime
(75) Paris
(77) Seine-et-Marne
(78) Yvelines
(91) Essonne
(92) Hauts-de-Seine
(93) Seine-Saint-Denis
(94) Val-de-Marne
(95) Val-d'Oise
(11) Aude
(30) Gard
(34) Hérault
(48) Lozère
(66) Pyrénées-Orientales
(19) Corrèze
(23) Creuse
(87) Haute-Vienne
(54) Meurthe-et-Moselle
(55) Meuse
(57) Moselle
(88) Vosges
(09) Ariège
(12) Aveyron
(31) Haute-Garonne
(32) Gers
(46) Lot
(65) Hautes-Pyrénées
(81) Tarn
(82) Tarn-et-Garonne
(59) Nord
(62) Pas-de-Calais
Pays de la Loire
(44) Loire-Atlantique
(49) Maine-et-Loire
(53) Mayenne
(72) Sarthe
(85) Vendée
(02) Aisne
(60) Oise
(80) Somme
(16) Charente
(17) Charente-Maritime
(79) Deux-Sèvres
(86) Vienne
(04) Alpes-de-Haute-Provence
(05) Hautes-Alpes
(06) Alpes-Maritimes
(13) Bouches-du-Rhône
(83) Var
(84) Vaucluse
(01) Ain
(07) Ardèche
(26) Drôme
(38) Isère
(42) Loire
(69) Rhône
(73) Savoie
(74) Haute-Savoie

180RSS with pictureDeferred Task Description

This would be very useful to have visual of the item in the RSS

 179  Search, strange proposal Closed Task Description

 178  Members Area - Buyer, how to pay the invoice? Closed Task Description

I can not access the invoice and see the mailing address of the seller.

 176  Feedback with thumbnail image (Members area) Closed Task Description

It would be very convenient to have a visual picture of the item in the feedback section.

 175  Admin - Cookie usage confirmation Closed Task Description

The managing multi language could be very interesting!

 174  WYSIWYG html editor Closed Task Description

Is it possible to include spell checking?

 173  Feedback details percentage is confusing Closed Task Description

The number which is before the percentage is confusing.

One might think that the member has only 10,92%

 172  Red feedback, color error in details page Closed Task Description

The color is black instead of red !

 171  Fatal error -> Account Settings Closed Task Description

With the link →

It has the following error:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: no parameters were bound' in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Statement/Pdo.php:224 Stack trace: #0 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Statement/Pdo.php(224): PDOStatement→execute(Array) #1 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Adapter/AbstractAdapter.php(180): Cube\Db\Statement\Pdo→execute(Array) #2 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Adapter/PDO/Mysql.php(226): Cube\Db\Adapter\AbstractAdapter→query(Object(Cube\Db\Select), Array) #3 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Table/AbstractTable.php(502): Cube\Db\Adapter\PDO\Mysql→query(Object(Cube\Db\Select)) #4 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Table/AbstractTable.php(538): Cube\Db\Table\AbstractTable→fetchAll(Object(Cube\Db\Select), NULL, 1, NULL) #5 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Service/Transactions.php(56): Cube\Db\Table\AbstractTable→fetchRow(Object(Cube\Db\Select)) #6 /home/phppro/public_html/dev in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Statement/Pdo.php on line 227

169Mondial Relay carrierDeferred Task Description

Is it possible to integrate the Mondial Relay carrier, which is much used here.

Thank you !

 161  unsubscribe links in emails Closed Task Description

A lot of Countries or even email providers are now wanting emails to have the option of unsubscribing from future newsletters and so on.

It would be great for ppb7 to have this option, for both the email provider and user.

 158  Members Area - User Verification / Breadcrumb and left  ...Closed Task Description

On this page we have not the breadcrumb and navigation menu on the left.

 139  Error in HELP section  Closed Task Description

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'InvalidArgumentException' with message 'Could not find the navigation view partial (breadcrumbs.phtml).' in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/View/Helper/Navigation.php:240 Stack trace: #0 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/module/App/view/app/sections/view.phtml(27): Cube\View\Helper\Navigation→setPartial('breadcrumbs.pht...') #1 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/View.php(465): include('/home/phppro/pu...') #2 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Controller/Dispatcher.php(147): Cube\View→process('/app/sections/v...') #3 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Controller/Front.php(396): Cube\Controller\Dispatcher→dispatch(Object(Cube\Controller\Request), Object(Cube\Http\Response)) #4 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Application/Bootstrap.php(235): Cube\Controller\Front→dispatch() #5 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Application.php(240): Cube\Application\Bootstrap→run() #6 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/index.php(24): Cube\Application→run() #7 {main} in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/View/Helper/Navigation.php on line 240

 138  Zip code on Invoice Closed Task Description

It does not appear in postal addresses of the buyer and seller.

 135  Item description - Error / Warning Closed Task Description

Warning: array_merge(): Argument #4 is not an array in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping.php on line 913

Warning: array_unique() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping.php on line 913

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping.php on line 965

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping.php on line 965

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping.php on line 965

 134  Members Area - Open selling - What is the featured item ...Closed Task Description

A link to access to all items that have a "Featured" option would be interesting. Or, add a headband (labeled "Featured") on the thumbnail of the image. It is difficult to remember which item is featured on the home page, when you have thousands of items on your account!

 133  v6.11 to V7 - SEO and new form of URL Closed Task Description

Do you think to make 301 redirect?

In order to keep the positioning of pages and referencing on search engines

 126  issue on entry to site Closed Task Description

On entering the site with cookies deleted/cleared

I get an error and the "Cart" Button is missing.

If I refresh it all comes back as it should.

I have replicated this several times on deleting cookies.

Using ie11 win 7

 116  unable to pay from offer Closed Task Description

I have made offers on items,
these have been accepted but no option to pay ect.
possibly needed on the offers page a link to pay.

115Item with video only for specific categoriesDeferred Task Description

In the admin, if we could choose the categories where it is possible to include a video would be very interesting.

 113  Problem with the search Closed Task Description

If I search the keyword, Bruce Willis, no worries I have one result, one item is available

By cons, if I search with keyword, Willis Bruce, no results!
Very annoying this bug is already on version 6.11, and it was not corrected.

 110  Create listing - Listing preview error Closed Task Description

Unable to validate, there is the error

Form rendering error: Could not find the view partial (listings/listing/details.phtml).

 107  Admin - Cookie Usage Confirmation Message Closed Task Description

If the site is multi language, we should be able to provide the message on the cookies in multiple languages

 106  Custom field - First field automatically active. Closed Task Description

If I want to implement a "custom field" for colors, for example, the first field is automatically "active", it is a problem.

If the choice of the selection are:


When I sell a product, the choice of the color Blue will be automatically selected, even if I do not want to give color to the item I am about to put online.

This is problematic, the first active field automatically. To overcome the problem, there should be a "neutral" fields that snaps into place automatically at the beginning of each list, symbolized by a dash (-) for example.


 102  Address with 'www' or without 'www' - Risk of duplicate ...Closed Task Description

The address without 'www' is not redirected to the address with 'www' (or vice versa). Risk of duplicate content!

 101  Error message - Members Area > Selling > Open Closed Task Description

If I click on "Close" or "Delete" without selecting the item, there is the following message that appears at the bottom page.

Notice: Undefined variable: messages in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/module/Members/src/Members/Controller/Selling.php on line 75

 66  Check box to remove items from watch list. Closed Task Description

Would it be possible for individual check boxes to be placed on watched items to remove these as bulk rather than one by one?
The current lay out is very smart but could be time consuming removing one at a time.

 51  Banner removed on shrunk pages. Closed Task Description

If using say a phone or possibly some tablets ect banners that are placed on site are removed.
Is there a way to have the banners shrink with the page?
As happens with the auction images?

 50  Print issues Closed Task Description

Print button working correctly now.
However on printing any urls are being printed too.

for example the edit button displays


It happens with all buttons, Category titles and social media links.

 44  Page feedback (display-feedback/USER) Closed Task Description

When an item is deleted, it appears instead the title "Listing Deleted", it would be interesting to archive the title of the item on a SQL table, to improve the SEO, let the title of the item sold. The link would not active on the title, of course.

 43  Selling > Scheduled Closed Task Description

It is not possible to modify an item that is in the Scheduled section.

 42  Selling - Sub Title - Fees and disable Closed Task Description

It would be interesting to have the ability to disable the subtitle from the admin and also assign fees are to use.

 41  Hide empty categories Closed Task Description

The categories without items in my view should not appear on the site. Also, Google may penalize the websites without content.

 40  Item condition - New or Used Closed Task Description

That I select New or Used, I can not find this information on the listing of the item.

 37  Vacation mode date of return. Closed Task Description

The vacation mode works very well but it could be very useful to have a date in which the seller will be back?
It could help determine if an item is brought by that seller or not.

36Delivery Cost on browse pageDeferred Task Description

Would be great to see a delivery cost on the browse page.
Again possibly a buy it now sign on items that have buy it nows

 35  unable to see any seller variables Closed Task Description

May just be me but i am currently not able to see anywhere that will allow for seller variables.
Such as various sizes with stock count.
or to add the same of something with different colours at varying prices?

Not sure whether it was just me or whether it was a suggestion.

 34  Print Button does nothing Closed Task Description

As the title suggests when pressing print on the auctions nothing happens, Tested with chrome and internet explorer 11.

 33  issue using stock android internet browser Closed Task Description

The theme layout works well on the android browser however on clicking the menu bar that drops down logon/register buy ect the links don’t appear to work?
Not sure if just my end.
again I feel the need for categories is missing.

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