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   Username:- admin
   Password:- 123456
 331  Separate Custom Store Categories and site categories Closed Task Description

When creat new listing, could you Separate Custom Store Categories and site categories in to 2 Separate box?
The first sellect main categories, second sellect store categories like Ebay?

330Count Title Character LengthDeferred Task Description

Thanks for add new featured in to PPV7.6
How can you make a “remaining characters” countdown like the one on Ebay?

 329  Css Closed Task Description

1. Thumb image in fedback received too small 2. Thumb image in selling/closed too large 3.The sign of listing at Status column arranged in a row so status colunm too wide .
In desktop it arranged in many rows.

328Search a member by user nameDeferred Task Description

How can i search a member with PPB?

 327  move images on finger touch for mobile user Closed Task Description

It is great if add that function in to anywhere have slide images

 326  Enable Private Reputation Comments Closed Task Description

i have checked Enable Private Reputation Comments in admin but reputation still show up for every users .

 325  Add paid date Closed Task Description

Please add paid date at members/selling/sales.

 324  Show buyer email Closed Task Description

Pls show buyer email in members/selling/sales.
In case the seller could not contact buyer through PPB system, they can send email to buyer directly

 323  Default list in both! Closed Task Description

In PPB if seller Subscription an store, they will have three options when creat a listing.
1. List in site. Listing only show in site.
2. List in Store. Listing only show in store, not show in site, so customers can not find it in site, only find it in store. Seller can not select site category for listing, they can only select store category for listing.
3. List in both. Listing show in both site and in store. Seller can not select site category.
It is too difficult to understand. WHy seller could not select site category for listing?

In Ebay is not the same PPBv7. It is very easy to understand
When seller Subscription an store, seller can only list item in both. Items can be found in site and in store
The first select site category, second select store category.

Suggestion. Do the same Ebay.

 322  Hide empty categories in search page result Closed Task Description

In PPB when i search an item, it showed all categories in left colum although those categories did not have item
Example: when i search "Sony". I put it in computer category but now ppb show all categories did not relate sony item (property,coins, antiques..).

321Add keyword/tagDeferred Task Description

Pls add keyword tang when creat new listing. It is very easy for buyer search items following keyword tag

 320  Admin creat Location groups. Closed Task Description

Admin could creat Location groups: America, Africa, Europe, Asia
In member area/seller tool/postage setup/Shipping Locations Settings.
Instead add individual country, seller add group of countries

 319  Sign up for Store newsletter Closed Task Description

It is great if in store page have a link "Sign up for Store newsletter".
where seller can announce new listings, offer discounts and keep customers updated on store events

318Product view linkDeferred Task Description

Please add product view link in to member area/messages/inbox.Now in v7 there is only listing id.
When i received new message asking about listing, i must search again listing.

 317  Hide Buy Out & Make Offer or Add to Cart button Closed Task Description

When listing is Closed pls hide Buy Out & Make Offer, Add to Cart button in product detail page/

 315  Remove (e) at the end of time Closed Task Description

In some pages at the end of time it showed "(e)"
Could you remove it?
Start Time: 16.06.2015 01:38:20 (e)
End Time: n/a

314Instruction for buyer if seller on VacationDeferred Task Description

In Member area/Global Settings/Vacation Mode
When check Vacation Mode, the seller can type some infomation as follow:
How to contact the seller, when does the seller come back...

 313  Show banner in Tablet computer in smart phone Closed Task Description

Now PPB do not show banner when browser on Tablet computer or smart phone
I think Advertise in Mobile version have more and more profit for admin.

 312  Limited Length of item title when creat new Closed Task Description

Some time seller type the item title is too long. Now Admin will Limit the Number of Characters to 60 or 100...

311Related Items Carousel on Listing DetailsDeferred Task Description

The Related Items are selected based on the Item being located in the Same Category as the current Listing being viewed on the Listing Details Page. Admin setting include the ability to Enable / Disable, Item Per Page, and Maximum Items to Display.

 310  Hide user name and location Closed Task Description

When chose Private Site/Single Seller in admin, there is only one seller so i think ppb should hide user name and location in seach page and category page :)

 309  Back up or Restore database Closed Task Description

One button for Backup or Restore database in Admin

 308  Do not allow add wrong ids of the listings in to Seller ...Closed Task Description

In PPB seller can add wrong ids of the listings when creating voucher.
Please do not allow add wrong ids of the listings in to Seller Tools > Seller Vouchers > Create Voucher
Example: Can seller add listing of other seller? in this case voucher is not value

 307  Hide "History" tab in product detai page Closed Task Description

If the listing has not been sold or there are no offers or the listing has no bids, please hide "History" tab

 306  "Payment and Shipping" tab in product detail page Closed Task Description

Now in product detail page have two tabs as "Payment & Returns" and "Postage & Shipping" tab. You should combine two tabs in to one tab as "Payment and Shipping"
I think just one tab is enough "Payment and Shipping" like in Ebay

 305  Could not change from "Acount Mode" to "Live" in Admin/ ...Closed Task Description

In Admin i could not change from "Acount Mode" to "Live" of a user.

 304  Could not find some buttons in product detail page Closed Task Description

All most customer now use smartphone or tablet computer. But now in ppb v7.4, customer could not use "Add to wishlist" button or"Report Abuse", "Edit", "List Similar","Close", "Delete" button. It have hidden when i use my smart phone.
Suggestion show all above buttons when customer use smartphone or tabler computer

 303  Change color of "time left" at Homepage Closed Task Description

If time left of the item is under 24 hour. Please change default color as Red color in the homepage

 302  Could not change acount type of user in admin Closed Task Description

I checked in with v7.4. It have problem as the same my problem with ppb v7.4.

 301  could not combine purchase Closed Task Description

Pls check i could not combine purchased if one product list in site and othe product list in both

300Combine purchaseDeferred Task Description

Now in phb, Seller or buyer could not combine purchase in case products purchased with diferent postage method. Example: one product with postage method Dhl and other product with postage method Fedex. It reported:No shipping methods available. Suggestion: Allow to combine purchased product with option(Dhl or Fedex)

 299  Edit product after there was a buyer purchased Closed Task Description

Hi. In case listing type: Product,
As seller, i should not be able to edit product after there was a buyer purchased? Let's think if i want to change price of product or charge more shipping cost.

 296  Fix css for Mobile browser Closed Task Description

 294  Unsold listings Closed Task Description

In Member area would be great to see "unsold" listing.
Because in "closed" listing included sold and unsold listing, the seller do not know what is sold or unsold?

 293  Bug when share Facebook on auction listing page Closed Task Description

292Mod search by State or Province, phpprobidDeferred Task Description

If your site is for a single country, this mod is for you
Now you can search auctions by state or province,

add this filter on auction_search.

 291  Category Counters not correct Closed Task Description

After deleted listing, Category Counters count not correct. Now in category have 1 listing but Category Counters showed 11 listing

 290  Bugs when test Recently Viewed Closed Task Description

After deleted history of web browser Chrome i refreshed web browser it reported:
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: no parameters were bound' in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Statement/Pdo.php:224 Stack trace: #0 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Statement/Pdo.php(224): PDOStatement→execute(Array) #1 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Adapter/AbstractAdapter.php(180): Cube\Db\Statement\Pdo→execute(Array) #2 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Adapter/PDO/Mysql.php(226): Cube\Db\Adapter\AbstractAdapter→query(Object(Cube\Db\Select), Array) #3 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Table/AbstractTable.php(506): Cube\Db\Adapter\PDO\Mysql→query(Object(Cube\Db\Select)) #4 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Service/AbstractService.php(210): Cube\Db\Table\AbstractTable→fetchAll(Object(Cube\Db\Select), NULL, NULL, NULL) #5 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Db/Table/Row/Listing.php(2091): Ppb\Service\AbstractService→fetchAll(Object(Cube\Db\Select)) #6 /home/phppro/public_htm in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Statement/Pdo.php on line 227

 289  Notification email in admin when have new user Closed Task Description

I think it should be better when have it

 288  TRACKING NUMBERS Closed Task Description

Now in PPB v7 sller can only add "Tracking Link" when update shipping. Pls add tracking number.,287.html

 287  EXTENDED SEARCH FILTER Closed Task Description,390.html

286whatcher numberDeferred Task Description,397.html

 285  whatcher number Closed Task Description,397.html

 284  Hide location at category page in colunm left if enable ...Closed Task Description

In this case only show location of the seller

283Postage CalculatorDeferred Task Description

Please do not allow Postage Calculator in auction detail page if input quantity is more than the quantity in stock
Example. I have one items with quality = 1 and shippng cost = $5.00 but when buyer want to buy with quantity = 10 the system will caculate shipping cost = $50.00 but i have only one item.

 282  Order as a Guest Closed Task Description

There are a lot customers when order they do not want to open an account. So if PPB add an option that order as a guest like Ebay. They'll have the option to register for an account after purchase.

 281  404 error Closed Task Description

In sale detail when click "Track this package" it redirect to other link.
Exp here:

 280  Add tracking number Closed Task Description

It is great if you add more option Add tracking number. Threr is an option add tracking link in "Update Shipping & Payment Details". Like ebay here

 279  Could not Create Listing when Store only mode is enable ...Closed Task Description

I have setup an store. If Store only mode is enabled in Admin, i could not create listing.The system reported that:"Please create a store or upgrade your subscription in order to be able to list items".

278Suggest categories when chose categories for new auctio...Deferred Task Description

In case there are alot of categories in auction site, buyer could not find the right category for auction. They just type keyword, system will suggest correct category.

 272  Buyer delete invoice Closed Task Description

In V7.3 buyer can delete invoice in case buyer did not pay for it. The seller do not know that buyer deleted invoice.
I suggest do not allow buyer to delete invoice. Buyer can delete invoice in case sucessful transaction

 271  Could not change start time in scheduled item Closed Task Description

In case after scheduled an auction i want to change to list now, I could not change from start time "Custom"to start time "Now".

 270  Remove Maximum Offer Range Closed Task Description

I list an item with
Buy Out Price:$15
Minimum Offer Range:$10
Maximum Offer Range:$12
So the buyer can not offer with $13 Why? seller do not sell with $13?

 268  Fix CSS Closed Task Description

Member area, my sales>Auction option
It hide some characters as picture follow

 267  Need register an account link at Login Popup when ask s ...Closed Task Description

When click log in to ask seller a question in product detail page. Need register an account link at Login Popup

 266  Have errors at auction page detail when click Share but ...Closed Task Description

Warning: Missing argument 1 for Ppb\Form\Element\ReCaptcha::__construct(), called in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/module/Listings/src/Listings/Form/EmailFriend.php on line 68 and defined in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Form/Element/ReCaptcha.php on line 84

Notice: Undefined variable: name in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Form/Element/ReCaptcha.php on line 86

263Dashboard Deferred Task Description

It would be great if PPB add more infomation at summary section.
Sales Analytics
Latest 5 Orders
Recent Activity

 262  Product discount add on Closed Task Description

I need Daily deal add on with countdown

 261  Filter by Product discount Closed Task Description

Almost buyer want to find discount product on website. So it is better if when browse listing they cam filter by Product discount option or show Products discount tab on homepage

 260  Best seller items Closed Task Description

Almost website have best seller items modul. I is better is PPB have it.

 259  Featured store on Homepage Closed Task Description

Some seller want to show their store Logo on home page

 258  Featured items on top of User's Store Closed Task Description

Place show some featured items of seller at Seller's Store page

 257  Show incorrect image when share Facebook Closed Task Description

Sometimes in product detail click to share on Facebbok. it Showed logo or incorrect image in facebook.

256Add more filter options at categories page and store pa...Deferred Task Description

Need more search option as follow:
- Condition(New, used)
- Payment methods ( Paypal, Visa, COD)
- Delivery Options (Free shipping)

 255  Title of products should be between 65 and 70 character ...Closed Task Description

Now in PPB did not limit length of product title. I think if Title of products should be between 65 and 70 characters in length.

 254  Search by keyword or topic in Help section Closed Task Description

It is good if you add that option in to help section like that:

253RESTRICTED USERNAMESDeferred Task Description

Have you ever thought about situation when user can register as a system username, something like ROOT, ADMIN, SYSTEM and look like part of the system. And perform phishing attacks on users.

This mod will allow you as admin create non allowed usernames to be used on your system.,155.html

 252  USERNAMES IN PUBLICK QUESTIONS Closed Task Description

This small addon will allow to show usernames (linked to user reputation page) in the publick question section. So users will not spam in this section because the usernames who posted the question will be visible and easy trackable. more real questions more real sales...,148.html

 251  SHEDULED RELISTER Closed Task Description,68.html

250SELLERS INFORMATION / FAQ TO BUYERDeferred Task Description,353.html

 249  EMAIL COPY FROM CONTACT US FORM Closed Task Description,273.html

 248  EMAIL COPY FROM CONTACT US FORM Closed Task Description,273.html

 247  HAND PICKED HOME PAGE ITEMS Closed Task Description

Sometimes users does sell good items for very little sums, and due to that reason they do not selects any features, like bold gighlited or home page featured. And they do not select it for very simple reason because usually they cost xx fee.

With this mod you as admin can hand pick the auctions you think are worthy to be displayed on home page like featured auctions, but main diferrence is that it is you as admin picking what auctions to display in that section.

As admin you can set how many items to show in a row, how big the image size has to be and how many items to show on page at all.

If you as admin select more items than you set to be visible on the homepage, the auctions will be rotating randomly on the front page, but there is a link to view all hand picked auctions.

It is a must to have mod for all admins who want to make the auction website look more live and to advertise the items you as admin think are worth advertising.,360.html


This mod will do that and will allow you as admin to select the categories you want displaying as featured items on the home page. The featured category items will be placed on the home page above the recently listed items and you can set up as many categories as you like.

This mod is very useful for your home page as it will show activity and not leave an empty look for feeling to the site.,163.html

 245  product url have been removed some characters Closed Task Description

If product title have an unicode character, Example: instead character “d’ in product listing now system have been removed “d” character.

 244  Require at least one image and image size when listing Closed Task Description

Require at least one image when listing. also require minimum size of image.

 243  Require at least one image when listing  Closed Task Description

Require at least one image when listing.

 242  Could not remove images  Closed Task Description

I Could not remove images when exit an auction.

 241  Do not allow add wrong ids of the listings in to Seller ...Closed Task Description

In PPB seller can add wrong ids of the listings when creating voucher.
Please do not allow add wrong ids of the listings in to Seller Tools > Seller Vouchers > Create Voucher
Example: Can seller add listing of other seller? in this case voucher is not value

 240  Disable Location when listing Closed Task Description

In PPB V7 The seller must enter the country, state, address where the item is located. Every buyer know that the item is located is the same address of seller so i think this option is not usefull.

 239  Filter option Posted/Sent Closed Task Description

In Selling/My sales pls add more option that seller can filter following Unpaid, paid, Posted/Sent. Now in PPB V7 just filter following Unpaid, paid

237Check user name Availability when register new accountDeferred Task Description

After input username, the system will auto check username, like:

 236  Could not list item when Enable Store Only Mode Closed Task Description

I have already opened an Store but now i could not list items when Enable Store Only Mode in Admin

 235  "View all" button Closed Task Description

Buyer will click at "View all" button at Seller's other items tab in auction detail pages to see more items

 234  Hot Searches keywords Closed Task Description

It is easy if in PPB have Hot Searches keywords.

 232  Hide categories when click mouse Closed Task Description

When click mouse on "Browse" & "Choose category" button at Browse menu, it drop down categories. But if i want to hide categories i must click again. Suggestion: Just click any where it will hide categories like as in , Amazon or Ebay.

231Free shipping iconDeferred Task Description

It’s no secret that buyers look for cheaper or less expensive ways to get the items they want and it’s no secret that sellers are looking for creative ways to grab the buyers attention. The bottom line is to make the sale... right?

When purchasing online, both the item price and shipping fees added together can make or break the sale. The item(s) price might be inviting, but when you add shipping, the total price may take the buyer out of budget or create a total price higher than the buyer is willing to pay.

How about including FREE shipping on all your items with the shipping costs included in the selling price. This way all buyers pay the same price for everything you sell. This mod will help both sides:

For sellers. it will add extra advertising by adding a nice attention grabbing icon next to the item(s), which will greatly raise the bar for a successful sale for that item.

For buyers, this FREE shipping icon will stand out and show the buyer their total cost up front without worrying about what the shipping and handling fees are going to cost them.

This is a must have mod for any power seller.,121.html

 230  Tracking Numbers Closed Task Description

In BBP V7 have Enter Tracking Link when seller update shipping, but in case buyer need Tracking Numbers? How can a buyer add it?
Almost buyer ask seller about tracking number. So it is better if add Tracking Numbers near Tracking Link

 229  Product Variations Closed Task Description

Sorry! I do not know that PPB V7 have Product Variations or not? In case if a seller want to sell clothes many color and size with different quantity.

 228  Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed Closed Task Description

Suggestion add Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed tab in to auction detail page

227Add shipping rates in to right column at categories pag...Deferred Task Description

Like Ebay It is very good if v7 add shipping rates in to right column at categories page under the price. Buyer will know how much is shipping cost first!

 226  Recently Viewed Closed Task Description

It is very useful if you add Recently Viewed. Incase buyer viewed many items but he have forgotten first item viewed

 220  NO SPACES IN USERNAME Closed Task Description

By default in probid website users can register usernames even with spaces, what may lead even to database errors of your website.

This mod will stop it by adding a restriction to be able to register such username containing spaces.


219VOUCHER USES PER USERDeferred Task Description

All Probid administrators knows that admin can setup the voucher code and assign how many times this code can be used, all would be ok if not one thing, That this code can be used 100 times by the same seller, so other users will not be able to use it (as one user can exeed the amount of allowed uses of the voucher).

This mod will change this ... You as admin can set how many voucher can be used by one user, so a lot of your users may benefit from it.

You can create advertisings or special ocassion vouchers and email it to all of your users without the fear that they will miss the oportunity to use it..,268.html

 218  EMAIL COPY Closed Task Description

As the administrator of your auction site sometimes you send email through the control panel. Unfortunately in the stock version of Probid there is no record of the emails that have been sent and therefore no documentation for the administrator.

With this simple modification you can check a box (when emailing your members) that will enable you to receive a copy of the email being sent to your member!,45.html

 217  Zipcode is optional Closed Task Description

In some country did not use ZIpcode

 216  Instead First name & Last name by Full name Closed Task Description

In some countries that do not use English. They only use Full name, so i think when register an account you can use Full name like

 215  Zip code Option Closed Task Description

In some country do not use ZIp code. so it is great if disable ZIPCODE in admin

 214  Fatal error when get verified member Closed Task Description

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'RuntimeException' with message 'There is no reference from table 'Ppb\Db\Table\Users' to table '\Ppb\Db\Table\Locations'.' in /home/phppro/public_html/phpprobid-demo/library/Cube/Db/Table/AbstractTable.php:334 Stack trace: #0 /home/phppro/public_html/phpprobid-demo/library/Cube/Db/Table/Row/AbstractRow.php(574): Cube\Db\Table\AbstractTable→getReference('\\Ppb\\Db\\Table\\L...', NULL) #1 /home/phppro/public_html/phpprobid-demo/library/Cube/Db/Table/Row/AbstractRow.php(341): Cube\Db\Table\Row\AbstractRow→_prepareReference(Object(Ppb\Db\Table\Users), Object(Ppb\Db\Table\Locations), NULL) #2 /home/phppro/public_html/phpprobid-demo/library/Ppb/Model/PaymentGateway/SagePay.php(194): Cube\Db\Table\Row\AbstractRow→findParentRow('\\Ppb\\Db\\Table\\L...') #3 /home/phppro/public_html/phpprobid-demo/library/Ppb/Model/PaymentGateway/SagePay.php(139): Ppb\Model\PaymentGateway\SagePay→_getCryptFields() #4 /home/phppro/public_html/phpprobid-demo/module/App/src/App/Form/Payment.php(76): Ppb\Model\Payme in /home/phppro/public_html/phpprobid-demo/library/Cube/Db/Table/AbstractTable.php on line 334

 201  Coud not select Store Category Closed Task Description

Coud not select Store Category in Account/Store setup

 200  No left column at My account /user verification Closed Task Description

Pls add left column at My account/user verification

 199  Click sell and left empty Registered Users( Empty usern ...Closed Task Description

Click sell and left empty Registered Users( Empty username, password box)and click Login it showed error
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1 bytes) in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Statement/Pdo.php on line 276

190More search option in Members Area > Selling > My SalesDeferred Task Description

Seach item by buyer email, buyer ID, buyer name, item title, item ID,

 189  Add tracking number with carrier Closed Task Description

Can add tracking number and carrier to Members Area > Selling > My Sales

188Add sale date, paid date columnDeferred Task Description

Add sale date, paid date column and it available for sort to Members Area > Selling > My Sales

160MASS AUCTIONS SHIFTERDeferred Task Description

As sites grow, categories start to get full and you have to create sub-categories to better organize the listings. However, PPB has no easy way to move listings from one category to another.

The Auctions Shifter will allow you to easily move listings from one category to another from within Admin.,309.html

159CATEGORY SHIFTERDeferred Task Description

AT LAST... the much needed MOD is finally here. How many times have you lost an auction listing because the auction items were in a category you have to move? Moving categories is not an option with any stock ProBid version, so your only option is to delete the category and recreate it again in another place on your site. When that happens, you risk losing the auctions currently listed.

It takes a lot of time and grooming to get your categories just right, so the last thing you want is to have to delete categories with established auctions in order to relocate them.

With this MOD, admins can take any existing category and MOVE it to a root level category or as a sub-category to an existing category. Moving categories will include the active auctions in that category. You lose NOTHING... and all this can be done with the click of a mouse.,67.html

 157  Could not upgrade store from standard level to higher l ...Closed Task Description

Default open store is Standard but i could not upgrade Store Subscription from Standard to premium

 156  Have error when disable store Closed Task Description

Have error when disable

 155  Add Tracking number and Buyer full name in Sold items Closed Task Description

If you can add tracking mumber and Buyer full name in member area/ my sales

 154  How do you think about this? Closed Task Description

I think no need this option in Member area/selling/open as follow:
seller username, address, because if a seller they will know their infomation. Example you know your name, your address. Remove Start time, end time of listing because already have time left column

 153  Could not edit item Closed Task Description

I have an item have error when edit:
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'InvalidArgumentException' with message 'The element with the name 'list_in' does not exist in the form.' in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php:223 Stack trace: #0 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/module/Listings/src/Listings/Form/Listing.php(124): Cube\Form→getElement('list_in') #1 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/module/Listings/src/Listings/Controller/Listing.php(94): Listings\Form\Listing→__construct('product_edit') #2 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Controller/Dispatcher.php(119): Listings\Controller\Listing→Create() #3 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Controller/Front.php(396): Cube\Controller\Dispatcher→dispatch(Object(Cube\Controller\Request), Object(Cube\Http\Response)) #4 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Application/Bootstrap.php(235): Cube\Controller\Front→dispatch() #5 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Application.php(240): Cube\Application\Bootstrap→run() #6 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/index.php(24): Cube\Application→run() #7 in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 223

 152  Hide empty Store categories. Closed Task Description

Please hide empty store categories as the same browse categories

 151  Bug Closed Task Description

 149  Require Payment method Closed Task Description

I tested and in PPB v7 did not require payment method.
In V6.11 system require to chose one payment method ( Direct payment or offline payment)

 148  How to change Font family, font size, font color in des ...Closed Task Description

In PPV7 no option to change Font family, font size, font color in selling description ?

 147  Require Upload image when listing Closed Task Description

In case the user forgotten upload image. system must require at least 1 image upload

 146  Option change user name Closed Task Description

Need an option to change user name?

 145  quantity = zero Closed Task Description

in ppb v7 allow to list an item with quantity = 0.
I think quantity must >=1?

 144  show catelogies tree Closed Task Description

like amazone or some other online shopping website.
Over mouse or click on categories will show all subcatelogies in it like a categories trees

 143  option free shipping Closed Task Description

it is great if add free shipping check box near the postage.

 141  Search a Seller by User name Closed Task Description

How can i search a seller by User name?

 140  Add Option search by Price range in Advanced search Closed Task Description

Add Option search by Price range in Advanced search.

 137  Could not delete messages. Closed Task Description

In member area/messages i could not delete messages. Only Archive?
Suggest Delete messages, Add Message from Member folder, Add a folder, Add messages from Admin, Move messages to, Search messages by Member user name.

 136  Remove Store's nane at Header menu Closed Task Description

I think store's name at header menu is excess because it already "Home" button.

 125  Add number of auctions near Cart botton at header Closed Task Description

 124  Add font color in Description item Closed Task Description

Add font color in Description item.

 123  Private Listing like Ebay Closed Task Description

This option like Ebay, it will not show user id and item link in Reputation page

 122  Add Verify code to Register form Closed Task Description

Could you add Verify code to regiser form?

 121  Login by via Facebook, Google Closed Task Description

Should be good if you have Option Login by Facebook or Google account?

 120  Login by Email Closed Task Description

Some user did not remember user id but they remember email. So if an option login by email is good choise

 119  Save search in member area Closed Task Description

In PPB v6.11 have a nice option Save search in member area but you have remove this option in PPB V7?

 118  Option disable Carousel featured auction in homepage Closed Task Description

Option disable Carousel featured auction showed homepage in Admin area
In this option you can chose how many rows to show,how many items like V6.11

 117  Option Seller's other items in member area Closed Task Description

Like Ebay if PPB have option Seller's other items link in Buying/purchased or Buying/Offer

 95  Error when Log Out accout  Closed Task Description

Meet this error when listing an item then Logout account

 94  Pls hide "Add to cart" button when quantity = 0 Closed Task Description

PPB v7 allow "Add to cart" button when quantity = 0. Please check!

 93  Auto insert full name and email address when click "Con ...Closed Task Description

In case user logged in account, system did not auto insert full name and email address when click "Contact Us"
Suggestion: Auto insert full name and email address when click "Contact Us" Regards!

 92  Export user list in admin to exel, cvs Closed Task Description

need to export user list in admin to cvs file
included email, address, name...

 91  Product Variations Closed Task Description

when a user creates a Buy it Now listing on your site, he/she will be able to add as many (or as few) product variations to their listing.

Example: A user can define a Color, or add sizes, or both, or more, (as well as quantities available) and on the item listings page, buyers will be able to view those details, and can select those details to make their purchase, allowing the buyer to get the item in the size and or color that they want, without having to specify to the seller via other contact forms! In addition, real time stock checks are made to let the buyer know if stock is low, or if an item is sold out in the variation that they select!

 90  Seller Vouchers for Specific Listings Closed Task Description

 89  Manage categories in Admin Closed Task Description

It is very difficult if alot of user open store and creat Custom Categories. There are a thouthand categorise in a list. How can admin manage it? Did you have any solution? Example 1000 of users open store, one store have 10 custom categories so total are 10.000 categories.

88Block usersDeferred Task Description

Pls add Block users as the same in PPB V6.11( Selling/Block users)

 87  Did you remove Member annoucement option? Closed Task Description

In Admin area you have remove Member annoucement option? I think user need it

 86  Add Tiny MCE Closed Task Description

You have remove Tiny MCE in sell/Listing Details/Description?

 85  No Option for Send Newsletter to User? Closed Task Description

In PPB V6.11 have send email system to registered users(Newsletter subscribers, user) but in V7 removed it?

82Browse categories like EbayDeferred Task Description

When click “Browse” button it will drop down main categories and subcategories in it the same in Ebay

 80  Error when Open item with Scheduled item Closed Task Description

 76  Could not change from Scheduled items to List now Closed Task Description

Incase user want to change from Scheduled to list now. When Exit an scheduled item, it do not allow to change from Custom start time to "Now".


once uploaded all item pictures and later deciding to change the very first image of the listing? by default in probid script if seller lists and item (auction/wanted ad/reverse auction) in order to change the first or second image the seller has to delete all images from listing and upload all of them again in the order he wants.

Need a mod will allow your sellers to change picture order without deleting and re uploading all pictures. Simple drag and drop functionality will allow your sellers anytime change the order of the listing (auction/wanted ad/reverse auction) pictures the way he needs, all he has to do is drag the image in the position he wants and thats all.,345.html

 74  Could not Add Address in My account -> Address Book Closed Task Description

When add more address it report:
Fatal error: Call to a member function canEdit() on a non-object in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/module/Members/src/Members/Controller/User.php on line 72

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