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   Username:- admin
   Password:- 123456
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 238  [Admin] Disable -> Start Time & End Time  Closed Task Description

We should have the option to disable these two options.

 217  Zipcode is optional Closed Task Description

In some country did not use ZIpcode

 215  Zip code Option Closed Task Description

In some country do not use ZIp code. so it is great if disable ZIPCODE in admin

 138  Zip code on Invoice Closed Task Description

It does not appear in postal addresses of the buyer and seller.

 174  WYSIWYG html editor Closed Task Description

Is it possible to include spell checking?

 376  Wrong system icon when mousing over date picker Closed Task Description

Scenario: Seller is trying to create a voucher. The icon on mousing over the Expiration Date of the Voucher signifies NO or CAN’T DO and the form element is greyed out. Not logical because this means you cannot click here! Also the form description in that section does not conform to the rest of the site where (optional) is usually at the end of the sentence.

“(Optional) Set an expiration date for this voucher.” Should be “Set an expiration date for this voucher (optional).”

 114  Windows Vista Internet Explorer 9 Display Issues Closed Task Description

In members area, click on sell & select categories/sub categories & scroll the category text. If your zoom preference for viewing websites is set at more than 100% the scrolled text comes out of the box. The same thing happens with select category in store set up.

In members area, click select images. Select an image from your files but it will not display. You get message "do you want to open or save image from"

I have tried the above with windows 8 internet explorer 10 & everything works fine.

 99  When account balance=Debit "credit account" button shou ...Closed Task Description


I want to suggest that you hide the "Credit Account" button once the user have some debit on his/her account.

The reason:

Actually they can allways credit their accounts with a minimal ammount to avoid paying the whole debit.


When a user reach 25€ his account will be suspended, and he already have a debit of 20€, when he is near the 25 limit, he can just pay 5€ for example and repeat this process.

As a ressult the Website Admin is never going to obtain the whole debit the user have on his account, he is allways going to have some debit if he uses the "credit account" button intelligently.

So the only button that should be visible when a user have account=X Debit should be the "Clear Account Balance" button


 285  whatcher number Closed Task Description,397.html

286whatcher numberDeferred Task Description,397.html

 162  Warning error (cannot access demo website) Closed Task Description

Warning: Unterminated comment starting line 136 in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/module/Members/src/Members/View/Helper/UserDetails.php on line 136

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file, expecting function (T_FUNCTION) in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/module/Members/src/Members/View/Helper/UserDetails.php on line 140

219VOUCHER USES PER USERDeferred Task Description

All Probid administrators knows that admin can setup the voucher code and assign how many times this code can be used, all would be ok if not one thing, That this code can be used 100 times by the same seller, so other users will not be able to use it (as one user can exeed the amount of allowed uses of the voucher).

This mod will change this ... You as admin can set how many voucher can be used by one user, so a lot of your users may benefit from it.

You can create advertisings or special ocassion vouchers and email it to all of your users without the fear that they will miss the oportunity to use it..,268.html

 368  Very long subtitles! Closed Task Description

Subtitle field is accepting very long character lengths. Needs to be same or smaller than title!

 37  Vacation mode date of return. Closed Task Description

The vacation mode works very well but it could be very useful to have a date in which the seller will be back?
It could help determine if an item is brought by that seller or not.

 133  v6.11 to V7 - SEO and new form of URL Closed Task Description

Do you think to make 301 redirect?

In order to keep the positioning of pages and referencing on search engines

 252  USERNAMES IN PUBLICK QUESTIONS Closed Task Description

This small addon will allow to show usernames (linked to user reputation page) in the publick question section. So users will not spam in this section because the usernames who posted the question will be visible and easy trackable. more real questions more real sales...,148.html

 366  Username filter Closed Task Description

I suggest to have a mod for username filters. Example: We do not want users to register our name, company name, words such as admin or bad words, or any famous trademark as a username. Example: admin, bitch, pepsi, cococola, prada, dell, apple etc… This can be done via a dictionary file or stored in a database table which we control from the back end. We would rather have as a database table. We can discuss how the exact matching is done; whether it is exact, partial, begin with or end with etc… Admin has ability to create account with any username without restrictions. This should also include semi real-time username availability feedback in the signup form to alert user if the username is already in use or not allowed.

 64  User Registration - Quick Closed Task Description

Trying to register on the users end with the Quick user registration enable in Admin end. Once I filled out form and click submit I get error code:

Fatal error: Call to a member function canPaySignupFee() on a non-object in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/module/App/src/App/Controller/Payment.php on line 87

However if I switch back to Full and try to register the same account it says that I have already register. Looks like it is going through but not getting next page.

 406  User ID search in admin section should be last in order ...Closed Task Description

The User ID of any user is really a database value and not of any importance when handling most tasks. We do not ask customers “what is your user id” we as “what is your username” or “registered email address”.

 78  User /Admin Login Page Closed Task Description

Would be good if user and admin page had a option of locking out if password is enter incorrectly a number of times.

This is a most common feature for all auction sites.

399Usability: Auto Form focusDeferred Task Description

There are many forms on the site and it would make a great addition to have the form focus automatically on the first field in a form.

 161  unsubscribe links in emails Closed Task Description

A lot of Countries or even email providers are now wanting emails to have the option of unsubscribing from future newsletters and so on.

It would be great for ppb7 to have this option, for both the email provider and user.

 294  Unsold listings Closed Task Description

In Member area would be great to see "unsold" listing.
Because in "closed" listing included sold and unsold listing, the seller do not know what is sold or unsold?

 411  United States location table is missing data Closed Task Description

United States location table is missing District of Columbia and Inhabited territories, along with iso codes.

 35  unable to see any seller variables Closed Task Description

May just be me but i am currently not able to see anywhere that will allow for seller variables.
Such as various sizes with stock count.
or to add the same of something with different colours at varying prices?

Not sure whether it was just me or whether it was a suggestion.

 116  unable to pay from offer Closed Task Description

I have made offers on items,
these have been accepted but no option to pay ect.
possibly needed on the offers page a link to pay.

 79  Typo mistake Closed Task Description

As per screenshot:

345Two email addresses for our sites (email admin & email ...Deferred Task Description

It would be nice to have two email addresses for our sites.

The administrator email (Admin Email Address: as at present, but also an email address that is reserved for messages sent automatically. This way we could independently manage mails sent to support (customer service), and automatic mail, with an address style (

 385  Trigger Happy Error Message: The CSRF validation has fa ...Closed Task Description

The cross site request forgery message is being triggered way too many times when the back button is used in multiple areas of the website.

To the end user, this message means nothing and is confusing.

Whatever is causing this programmatically to be triggered on back button and resubmit requests needs to be investigated and eliminated.

If it cannot be fixed, then this message needs to say something meaningful to the end user.

 297  Translation Issue Closed Task Description


it is this

  protected $_intervals = array(
  self::DAY  => array(self::DAY, 'days,', 'day,'),

Caused by the comma in 'days,' 'day,' it wont be translated. I changed to the following and it worked for me

  protected $_intervals = array(
  self::DAY  => array(self::DAY, 'days', 'day'),
 230  Tracking Numbers Closed Task Description

In BBP V7 have Enter Tracking Link when seller update shipping, but in case buyer need Tracking Numbers? How can a buyer add it?
Almost buyer ask seller about tracking number. So it is better if add Tracking Numbers near Tracking Link

 288  TRACKING NUMBERS Closed Task Description

Now in PPB v7 sller can only add "Tracking Link" when update shipping. Pls add tracking number.,287.html

 202  Track this package -> Error 404 Closed Task Description

 381  Topping up account while makin offer Closed Task Description

When an account needs to be topped up while making offer or other tasks, after the process it done, it is logical to the return the user to where they left off.

344To secures administrationDeferred Task Description

When sending a message to a user since the administration console, the username of the administrator, which is also the username of connection to the administration, appears as the sender of the message.

I find it dangerous to reveal the username of the administrator in email exchanges with the user from the administration console. Hackers have only the password at find, as the name for the connection is public and visible to all.

We should have the opportunity to choose a username to connect to the administration console, and for the management of messages with users, another username.

For example:

Login username to admin: myadminusername
Username to send mail from the admin: TeamPPB

 255  Title of products should be between 65 and 70 character ...Closed Task Description

Now in PPB did not limit length of product title. I think if Title of products should be between 65 and 70 characters in length.

387Time zones issueDeferred Task Description

The time zone is set in the admin section, but is not displayed on the front end.

End users and sellers need to know that... For example, if the site’s default zone is Miami, Florida (EST -5 GMT) and a bid or offer on the site is displayed on the front end as such 02/27/2017 16:17:42, then a person from Lithuania might think this is in their local time! It just causes confusion!


1- Put the site’s official time in real time somewhere prominent!
2- Display a message whenever time/date is shown to signify the official timezone the website is running.

 2  Test Closed Task Description


 213  Terms and Conditions Box Closed Task Description

Settings » Listings Settings » Global Settings » Terms and Conditions Box
dont have mult language

382System allows same dollar amount offers up to the limit...Assigned Task Description

The system currently allows a user to submit for example a $300 offer on the same item 10 times if 10 is the limit set by the seller or unlimited times if there is not limit.

Multiple offers from the same user should only work when they are different values.

Also, this error “You have reached the maximum allowed number of bids/offers per user (10).” is not correct. It is maximum allowed per user per item.

A better way to say it is “You have reached the maximum number of bids/offers (x) the seller has allowed on this item.”

 354  Suspended Account Message Box Closed Task Description

When an account is suspended, user can’t open messages on “Members Area” Even if the message from the admin does not answer. That’s going on all the communication path is blocked with user.

278Suggest categories when chose categories for new auctio...Deferred Task Description

In case there are alot of categories in auction site, buyer could not find the right category for auction. They just type keyword, system will suggest correct category.

 389  Submitting an item with same category and sub category  ...Closed Task Description

This was tested in listings, auctions and classifieds and should not be allowed to happen.

 187  Stuctured data with Closed Task Description

Google, Bing and Yandex, use more structured data, it will in the near future to implement these tags in the code, to improve the visibility of items in the search engines.

 20  Stores Page - IE 11 Closed Task Description

When hitting the stores page, a scroll bar appears next to Featured stores & Search by Category.

 393  Stores not showing up in stores pages Closed Task Description

This is yet another issue. Featured store is not showing up in the stores. We click stores, even featured stores are not showing up.

 12  Store subscription upgrades Closed Task Description

If I start with a standard shop and want to upgrade, I have pay full price. Is there a way of adding a discount during an upgrade if there is more than X days left on the subscription?

 335  Store mode: have the choice auction and fixed price sal ...Closed Task Description

Is it possible to have a choice when the store mode is activate to have these selling possibility :
- auction
- fixed price sale.

For the moment only the fixed price sale is possible.

On Eb.. and a belgium auction site Delcam.. they have auction & fixe pricie sale.

Look at this link

 81  Store listing amount Closed Task Description

Listing amount looks incorrect


 316  store link image Closed Task Description

Would be great for site exposure to allow a store to add a link to their site etc to view items on my "ppb" site, Possibly admin has the right to upload the picture.

 11  Store Fees Closed Task Description

There is no option for setting listing fee for shops.

 45  Store Custom Categories Closed Task Description

Stuff inc. has custom caetgories of Antiques and Business, Office & Industrial. I did not assign these. I cannot remove them.

233Star Ratings ControlDeferred Task Description


It would be nice that we can control the Stars that appear near to the user’s name for each amount of votes recieved, I mean for example from 1 to 10 positive votes → Yellow Star, from 10 to 50 → Green star, etc etc

Right now, we don’t know how many stars the software have and we can’t control/change the stars related to the amount of votes, and it would be very nice that we are allowed to do so.


 362  Spelling Mistake Closed Task Description

Baby Jewellery misspelled in Baby > Christening & Gifts. It should be Jewelry.

Country list:

"Micronesia, Federated States of" is missing f.
"Rep Of Ireland" should be "Republic Of Ireland" or "Ireland, Republic of"
"South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands" is truncated as well

Also, the numbers value corresponding to the country names were skipping numbers sometimes, not sure why!

 410  Spelling Error in admin section, Stores Menus Closed Task Description

Admin area –> Stores –> Manage Stores

Clicking on Manage Stores actually links to Manage Store Owners. (/admin/browse-users/site/?filter=stores)

Menu should therefore say “Manage Store Owners”

 55  Spaces between stores on store page  Closed Task Description

i see alot of spaces between the stores on the standard stores list?

image of problem


once uploaded all item pictures and later deciding to change the very first image of the listing? by default in probid script if seller lists and item (auction/wanted ad/reverse auction) in order to change the first or second image the seller has to delete all images from listing and upload all of them again in the order he wants.

Need a mod will allow your sellers to change picture order without deleting and re uploading all pictures. Simple drag and drop functionality will allow your sellers anytime change the order of the listing (auction/wanted ad/reverse auction) pictures the way he needs, all he has to do is drag the image in the position he wants and thats all.,345.html

 355  Some listing problems Closed Task Description 1- After editing a listing getting a message “Error: Could not generate the payment form - the listing does not exist or there are no fees to be paid.” 2- in listing page “Shipping Instructions” and “Return Policy Details” texts is not listed as it is written.

 224  Social Login Closed Task Description

In this day and age should be able to use your social logins to register. At least facebook and twitter.

 319  Sign up for Store newsletter Closed Task Description

It is great if in store page have a link "Sign up for Store newsletter".
where seller can announce new listings, offer discounts and keep customers updated on store events

 378  Side menu grey colors should be different for Headers a ...Closed Task Description

Side menu uses a background grey color to signify menu headers and items. This grey color should be lighter grey for items. When the first item in the tree is selected, it looks confusing because it is hard to differentiate which is the header and which is the item. Easy fix by using a lighter grey for menu items.

 257  Show incorrect image when share Facebook Closed Task Description

Sometimes in product detail click to share on Facebbok. it Showed logo or incorrect image in facebook.

 128  Show Free Shipping sign if Shippng fee = Zero Closed Task Description

If shipping fee = Zero add "Free shipping" sign to page that item showed

 144  show catelogies tree Closed Task Description

like amazone or some other online shopping website.
Over mouse or click on categories will show all subcatelogies in it like a categories trees

 324  Show buyer email Closed Task Description

Pls show buyer email in members/selling/sales.
In case the seller could not contact buyer through PPB system, they can send email to buyer directly

 313  Show banner in Tablet computer in smart phone Closed Task Description

Now PPB do not show banner when browser on Tablet computer or smart phone
I think Advertise in Mobile version have more and more profit for admin.

 5  Shopping Cart Error Closed Task Description

When browsing as a guset or logged in user, checking my empty shopping cart shows drop down for

[214] Sports
[213] Sports
[197] patrick

 18  Shopping Cart - Shipping Error Closed Task Description

cindyb has the Siemens Oven in her cart. She goes to the checkout and the shipping method area shows the following...

Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [SOAP-ENV:Server] Fault in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping/Carrier/FedExWebServices.php:201 Stack trace: #0 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping/Carrier/FedExWebServices.php(201): SoapClient→__call('getRates', Array) #1 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping/Carrier/FedExWebServices.php(201): SoapClient→getRates(Array) #2 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping.php(834): Ppb\Model\Shipping\Carrier\FedExWebServices→getPrice() #3 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/module/Listings/src/Listings/Controller/Listing.php(445): Ppb\Model\Shipping→calculatePostage() #4 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Controller/Dispatcher.php(119): Listings\Controller\Listing→CalculatePostage() #5 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Controller/Front.php(396): Cube\Controller\Dispatcher→dispatch(Object(Cube\Controller\Request), Object(Cube\Http\Response)) #6 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Application/Boots in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping/Carrier/FedExWebServices.php on line 201

374Shop description field uses html editor!!!Deferred Task Description

The shop description should not use the html editor as the main input. The html editor should be used for html pages only. This allows for virtually unlimited text, videos, and images - not to mention certain scripts. The shop description input field should not allow html either.

 391  Shipping rates no longer show Closed Task Description

Error: No shipping available for the selected destination.

Without any mods, this feature worked, now both fedex and USPS are failing to show any rates. We get the message above.

 30  Shipping Calculator Closed Task Description

also got this on the cart shipping calculator:

Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [SOAP-ENV:Server] Fault in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping/Carrier/FedExWebServices.php:201 Stack trace: #0 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping/Carrier/FedExWebServices.php(201): SoapClient→__call(’getRates’, Array) #1 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping/Carrier/FedExWebServices.php(201): SoapClient→getRates(Array) #2 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping.php(834): Ppb\Model\Shipping\Carrier\FedExWebServices→getPrice() #3 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/module/Listings/src/Listings/Controller/Listing.php(445): Ppb\Model\Shipping→calculatePostage() #4 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Controller/Dispatcher.php(119): Listings\Controller\Listing→CalculatePostage() #5 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Controller/Front.php(396): Cube\Controller\Dispatcher→dispatch(Object(Cube\Controller\Request), Object(Cube\Http\Response)) #6 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Application/Boots in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping/Carrier/FedExWebServices.php on line 201

59Shipping (Flat Rate)Deferred Task Description

- Shipping: The old V6 had the same issue, when you set the shipping as a flat rate under (members area/selling/seller tools/postage setup) it stablishes the flat rate you added there to every auction you are going to sell, while that’s good, becouse it is suposed to do that, there’s a problem here. Let’s think.....

I’m a customer that usually sells the same kind of products, and that’s why I configured the flat rate on my members area, becouse all products I sell cost usually the same to ship, and i don’t want to fill allways the same numbers when selling an item on the shipping rates boxes, but.....

What happens if I also sell sometimes other kind of products that cost more to ship? I should be able to change the stablished flat rate shipping for that auction when I’m configuring the listing. Actually like the shipping boxes dissapear when you use the flat-rate shipping I can’t change the shipping rates for that auction. That’s a HUGE Disadvantage. This should be fixed.

Conclusion: the problem is that the shipping fees fields dissapear and we can’t change that fee for a listing that we need to have different shipping fees.

Solution: Making the shipping rates visible and allowing us to change the shipping rates manually for each item we sell is the best option. It should work like Prefilled Fields. They prefill each time, but they also leave user the option to change anything for each listing.

I hope this suggestion gets aproved becouse the flat rate is a very important shipping calculation method that many people use and this should be changed.


 251  SHEDULED RELISTER Closed Task Description,68.html

 341  Separate the sentences and the words for better transla ...Closed Task Description

Home page:
Recently Listed
Ending Soon

Members Area:
In the menu (Selling)
- Open
- Closed
- Scheduled

In the menu (Feedback)
- Received

In /members/selling/browse/scheduled
The button → Open

There must be others :)

225Separate Store CategoriesDeferred Task Description

In dev version it looks like they added the store owners name under the custom category they added to their store. Very confusing, especially if users start adding hundreds of their own stores. Admin will have very hard time managing what’s going on. Doesn’t seem very well thought out. I don’t see anyway to have it separated from listing categories. Should be table listing categories, table store categories, and table store owners categories or something like that.

 331  Separate Custom Store Categories and site categories Closed Task Description

When creat new listing, could you Separate Custom Store Categories and site categories in to 2 Separate box?
The first sellect main categories, second sellect store categories like Ebay?

372Selling tools: Prefilled fields - PayPal payment method...Deferred Task Description

User goes to pre-filled fields, selects PayPal as payment method before setting up payment gateway in account section.

Pop warning “Warning! This direct payment gateway is currently disabled. To enable it, you will need to set the necessary credentials.” appears 7 consecutive times and user has press OK 7 times to get rid of pop warning.

Also, this warning is not intuitive and does not really tell the user what to do. Not meant for average user. Why not tell the user where to find the option and what is needed!

 43  Selling > Scheduled Closed Task Description

It is not possible to modify an item that is in the Scheduled section.

 42  Selling - Sub Title - Fees and disable Closed Task Description

It would be interesting to have the ability to disable the subtitle from the admin and also assign fees are to use.

250SELLERS INFORMATION / FAQ TO BUYERDeferred Task Description,353.html

 14  Seller's Other Items - Closed Listing Closed Task Description

When looking at a closed listing, the Seller's other items do not appear.

 90  Seller Vouchers for Specific Listings Closed Task Description

 179  Search, strange proposal Closed Task Description

 27  search should search the auction tittle and sub tittle  ...Closed Task Description

i think when someone searches the listings it should search the tittle and sub tittle.
for example
tittle “art for sale” sub tittle “artwork from the meng dynasty period”
i searched for meng dynasty the listing would not show up?

 168  Search Results (refine results) from Mobile Phone Closed Task Description

When we are navigating the website using a mobile phone, if we search for an item, and we are on the search ressults, there's a button on the left side at the top that opens a menu where we can refine the search ressults, (category,price, with offers etc etc).

Well that menu overlaps with the Footer, becouse the footer instead of staying at the right side (at the bottom of search ressults) it is moved to the left, so it is overlaping.


 254  Search by keyword or topic in Help section Closed Task Description

It is good if you add that option in to help section like that:

 141  Search a Seller by User name Closed Task Description

How can i search a seller by User name?

328Search a member by user nameDeferred Task Description

How can i search a member with PPB?

 119  Save search in member area Closed Task Description

In PPB v6.11 have a nice option Save search in member area but you have remove this option in PPB V7?

 1  Sample Task Closed Task Description

This isn’t a real task. You should close it and start opening some real tasks.

 71  Sale transactions fee seem to be calculated wrong. Closed Task Description

Hi, I just see that the transactions fee generated are not correct:

The site says that the fee is stablished at 5%, so a 5% of 105 if we take postage, or 100 if we don't take postage is not 2,5 in any case.
Looks like all the other Sale Transaction Fees on the Account history are also wrong becouse they are not a 5% of the Total invoice amount neither if we include or not the postage.

Take a look at the video:

I also want to say here that maybe calculating the fee including the postage is a nice way to avoid that sellers add listings with ridiculous prices and huge postages to avoid fees.


 13  Sale Details - feedback options Closed Task Description

Currently, there are no options to leave feedback as one of the options when looking at Sale Details in the Members Area. There is also no notification of feedback left or required to be left.

180RSS with pictureDeferred Task Description

This would be very useful to have visual of the item in the RSS

 3  Returns Accept Filter Closed Task Description

I’m on the page I want to filter results by ‘Returns accepted’. An error occurs.

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘PDOException’ with message ‘SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘l.accept_returns’ in ‘where clause’’ in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Statement/Pdo.php:219 Stack trace: #0 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Statement/Pdo.php(219): PDOStatement→execute(Array) #1 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Adapter/AbstractAdapter.php(177): Cube\Db\Statement\Pdo→execute(Array) #2 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Adapter/PDO/Mysql.php(209): Cube\Db\Adapter\AbstractAdapter→query(Object(Cube\Db\Select), Array) #3 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Select.php(721): Cube\Db\Adapter\PDO\Mysql→query(Object(Cube\Db\Select)) #4 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Paginator/Adapter/DbSelect.php(91): Cube\Db\Select→query() #5 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Paginator.php(544): Cube\Paginator\Adapter\DbSelect→count() #6 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Paginator.php(234): Cube\Paginator→_calculatePageCount in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Statement/Pdo.php on line 223

 67  Retracting a bid (fatal error code) Closed Task Description

Hi I just placed some bids on an auction and later I pressed the Retract button on my current bids section.

This is what I got:

Catchable fatal error: Argument 2 passed to Listings\Model\Mail\OwnerNotification::newBid() must be an instance of Ppb\Db\Table\Row\User, null given, called in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Db/Table/Row/Listing.php on line 1637 and defined in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/module/Listings/src/Listings/Model/Mail/OwnerNotification.php on line 263

After that I tried to retract again and It worked, It retracted all my bids on the auction without any error.


253RESTRICTED USERNAMESDeferred Task Description

Have you ever thought about situation when user can register as a system username, something like ROOT, ADMIN, SYSTEM and look like part of the system. And perform phishing attacks on users.

This mod will allow you as admin create non allowed usernames to be used on your system.,155.html

 147  Require Upload image when listing Closed Task Description

In case the user forgotten upload image. system must require at least 1 image upload

 149  Require Payment method Closed Task Description

I tested and in PPB v7 did not require payment method.
In V6.11 system require to chose one payment method ( Direct payment or offline payment)

 243  Require at least one image when listing  Closed Task Description

Require at least one image when listing.

 244  Require at least one image and image size when listing Closed Task Description

Require at least one image when listing. also require minimum size of image.

 392  Remove the dotted lines / outlines Closed Task Description

Please add this to the css file to remove dotted outlines, which are very annoying. Thanks!

a {

 outline: 0;


 136  Remove Store's nane at Header menu Closed Task Description

I think store's name at header menu is excess because it already "Home" button.

 270  Remove Maximum Offer Range Closed Task Description

I list an item with
Buy Out Price:$15
Minimum Offer Range:$10
Maximum Offer Range:$12
So the buyer can not offer with $13 Why? seller do not sell with $13?

 315  Remove (e) at the end of time Closed Task Description

In some pages at the end of time it showed "(e)"
Could you remove it?
Start Time: 16.06.2015 01:38:20 (e)
End Time: n/a

 396  Remove "or" from multiple sign in options Closed Task Description

Suggestion: Please remove “or” from multiple sign in options. They are not needed and will look even more funny if more mods are made available to add other sign in options such as PayPal or LinkedIn.

58RemindersDeferred Task Description

- There’s no Reminders section or any Reminder Pop-Up that reminds us what is pending for us.
Adding a reminder section on the main Members Area would be nice, as well as adding a pop-up that inform us about pending tasks, unreaded emails, feedbacks not left or recieved etc. (This little thing is quite important, becouse sometimes it is the difference between leaving a feedback or not, reading a message or not etc etc.)


 83  Relisting a closed auction bug Closed Task Description

Hi, I closed a listing, then I went to the closed section and pressed relist.

When I press Relist I recieve 3 emails at the same time.... Listings Relisted / Listings Closed / Listings closed No Sale

Take a look at the video to see what happens:


 49  Relist from closed a sold auction Closed Task Description

Someone purchased a test auction of mine. So it was sold.
As it was in closed also I tried to relist it from closed and got this error.

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'start_time_type' in 'field list'' in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Statement/Pdo.php:219 Stack trace: #0 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Statement/Pdo.php(219): PDOStatement→execute(Array) #1 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Adapter/AbstractAdapter.php(177): Cube\Db\Statement\Pdo→execute(Array) #2 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Adapter/PDO/Mysql.php(209): Cube\Db\Adapter\AbstractAdapter→query('UPDATE probid_l...', Array) #3 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Adapter/AbstractAdapter.php(343): Cube\Db\Adapter\PDO\Mysql→query('UPDATE probid_l...', Array) #4 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Table/AbstractTable.php(433): Cube\Db\Adapter\AbstractAdapter→update('probid_listings', Array, Array) #5 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Table/Row/AbstractRow.php(242): Cube\Db\Table\AbstractTable→update(Array, Array) #6 /home/phpp in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Statement/Pdo.php on line 223

195Relist closed itemDeferred Task Description

It is no longer possible to select the duration?

Furthermore, when relisting, it would be interesting to schedule the items, so to have the possibility to modify the price, title, description, etc.

311Related Items Carousel on Listing DetailsDeferred Task Description

The Related Items are selected based on the Item being located in the Same Category as the current Listing being viewed on the Listing Details Page. Admin setting include the ability to Enable / Disable, Item Per Page, and Maximum Items to Display.

 181  Regions of France (France métropolitaine) -> State/Coun ...Closed Task Description

Here is the list of regions of France if you are interested.

France métropolitaine:

Pays de la Loire

and the corresponding French departments, if necessary!

(67) Bas-Rhin
(68) Haut-Rhin
(24) Dordogne
(33) Gironde
(40) Landes
(47) Lot-et-Garonne
(64) Pyrénées-Atlantiques
(03) Allier
(15) Cantal
(43) Haute-Loire
(63) Puy-de-Dôme
(14) Calvados
(50) Manche
(61) Orne
(21) Côte-d'Or
(58) Nièvre
(71) Saône-et-Loire
(89) Yonne
(22) Côtes-d'Armor
(29) Finistère
(35) Ille-et-Vilaine
(56) Morbihan
(18) Cher
(28) Eure-et-Loir
(36) Indre
(37) Indre-et-Loire
(41) Loir-et-Cher
(45) Loiret
(08) Ardennes
(10) Aube
(51) Marne
(52) Haute-Marne
(2A) Corse-du-Sud
(2B) Haute-Corse
(25) Doubs
(39) Jura
(70) Haute-Saône
(90) Territoire de Belfort
(27) Eure
(76) Seine-Maritime
(75) Paris
(77) Seine-et-Marne
(78) Yvelines
(91) Essonne
(92) Hauts-de-Seine
(93) Seine-Saint-Denis
(94) Val-de-Marne
(95) Val-d'Oise
(11) Aude
(30) Gard
(34) Hérault
(48) Lozère
(66) Pyrénées-Orientales
(19) Corrèze
(23) Creuse
(87) Haute-Vienne
(54) Meurthe-et-Moselle
(55) Meuse
(57) Moselle
(88) Vosges
(09) Ariège
(12) Aveyron
(31) Haute-Garonne
(32) Gers
(46) Lot
(65) Hautes-Pyrénées
(81) Tarn
(82) Tarn-et-Garonne
(59) Nord
(62) Pas-de-Calais
Pays de la Loire
(44) Loire-Atlantique
(49) Maine-et-Loire
(53) Mayenne
(72) Sarthe
(85) Vendée
(02) Aisne
(60) Oise
(80) Somme
(16) Charente
(17) Charente-Maritime
(79) Deux-Sèvres
(86) Vienne
(04) Alpes-de-Haute-Provence
(05) Hautes-Alpes
(06) Alpes-Maritimes
(13) Bouches-du-Rhône
(83) Var
(84) Vaucluse
(01) Ain
(07) Ardèche
(26) Drôme
(38) Isère
(42) Loire
(69) Rhône
(73) Savoie
(74) Haute-Savoie

 172  Red feedback, color error in details page Closed Task Description

The color is black instead of red !

 226  Recently Viewed Closed Task Description

It is very useful if you add Recently Viewed. Incase buyer viewed many items but he have forgotten first item viewed

 204  Question on item Closed Task Description

One member asked a question about an item, I reply, but the site tells me that the title field is empty. Ok, but my message has been deleted in passing.

Is it necessary that the seller tells a new title?

 145  quantity = zero Closed Task Description

in ppb v7 allow to list an item with quantity = 0.
I think quantity must >=1?

 402  Putting the site in Maintenance Mode does not prevent 4 ...Closed Task Description

Scenario: Admin puts website in Maintenance Mode. Search engines and users access website using indexed and stored urls such as:

They get 404 Error Page cannot be found and header and footer load normally.

This is just one of so many URLs that the Maintenance Mode does not redirect to the Maintenance Mode page.

The website put in Maintenance Mode must let search engines know that this is a temporary state, not sure how to communicate 503 status.

404 Not Found simply put is that the server has not found a matching page and pages will be removed from the search engine’s index.

The website needs to be put on a 503 state while it is down for maintenance and this needs to be communicated to search engines somehow.

Please see:

 25  Public questions. Closed Task Description

Having a title on both question and response may be unnecessary.

Also, public questions should remain hidden from public until responded to, only

318Product view linkDeferred Task Description

Please add product view link in to member area/messages/inbox.Now in v7 there is only listing id.
When i received new message asking about listing, i must search again listing.

 132  Product Variations / Attributes Closed Task Description

As a auction software or and shopping cart. The main function is Product Variations / Attributes of product but All PPB version why you did not support this function?
Example in Ebay, Open source Opencart, Prestashop...

 91  Product Variations Closed Task Description

when a user creates a Buy it Now listing on your site, he/she will be able to add as many (or as few) product variations to their listing.

Example: A user can define a Color, or add sizes, or both, or more, (as well as quantities available) and on the item listings page, buyers will be able to view those details, and can select those details to make their purchase, allowing the buyer to get the item in the size and or color that they want, without having to specify to the seller via other contact forms! In addition, real time stock checks are made to let the buyer know if stock is low, or if an item is sold out in the variation that they select!

 229  Product Variations Closed Task Description

Sorry! I do not know that PPB V7 have Product Variations or not? In case if a seller want to sell clothes many color and size with different quantity.

 245  product url have been removed some characters Closed Task Description

If product title have an unicode character, Example: instead character “d’ in product listing now system have been removed “d” character.

 262  Product discount add on Closed Task Description

I need Daily deal add on with countdown

 265  Problems with IE 11 Closed Task Description

When opening PHPPROBID 7.2 in IE 11, some buttons do not appear.

 17  Problems with drafts Closed Task Description

1) I've created a draft item. I cannot delete it. I can close the draft though.

2) Creating a draft instantly deducts the listing cost from my credit. This cost should only apply when the item is actually listed OR the cost should be refunded if the listing is deleted. (can't delete at the moment so can't test if this is true or not)

 113  Problem with the search Closed Task Description

If I search the keyword, Bruce Willis, no worries I have one result, one item is available

By cons, if I search with keyword, Willis Bruce, no results!
Very annoying this bug is already on version 6.11, and it was not corrected.

 339  Problem with Pinterest Closed Task Description

Unable to share on Pinterest, product image is not displayed.

 347  Problem with calculating the percentage of feedback. Closed Task Description

The NEUTRAL rating is considered a negative feedback in the calculation of the percentage, what is totally absurd in my opinion. Something that is neutral, remain neutral, and should not go into account in calculating the percentage of feedback.

Previously on v6.xx versions, the neutral feedbacks were not counted for the percentage calculation, why that changed with the v7.xx?

 123  Private Listing like Ebay Closed Task Description

This option like Ebay, it will not show user id and item link in Reputation page

 50  Print issues Closed Task Description

Print button working correctly now.
However on printing any urls are being printed too.

for example the edit button displays


It happens with all buttons, Category titles and social media links.

 34  Print Button does nothing Closed Task Description

As the title suggests when pressing print on the auctions nothing happens, Tested with chrome and internet explorer 11.

 29  Prefilled Fields Errors Closed Task Description

got this on the Selling/Seller Tools/Prefilled Fields

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Form/AbstractBaseForm.php on line 314

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Form.php on line 370

 269  PostOffice UK (previously royal mail uk) Closed Task Description

Is it possible to integrate PostOffice (previously known as royal mail uk) as shipping carrier ?

 65  Postage Setup (commas instead of points) Closed Task Description

I found a bug:

When a user add a number with a comma instead of a point on the first item and additional item boxes on the Postage Setup section/flat rate, and then press save settings, a message "The settings have been saved successfully." appear, but.....

The comma is not working on that boxes even with the site currency working on EU format.

If you put for example 1,5 and 0,5 on those boxes and then go to shipping calculator on an item it is not calculated correctly.

So currently a user adds the above numbers on their flat rates, he gets a succes message and thinks the flat rates are working, but they are not working properly becouse he introduced commas instead of points.

*THE SAME Occurs on ITEM BASED, so when we select item based it occurs for each listing on the postage section.


when site working on US format and entering for example 1,5 an error message should appear saying that the user needs to use a point instead of a comma. (changes should not be aplied until they use the correct symbol)
when site working on EU format and entering for example 1.5 an error message should appear saying that the user needs to use a comma instead of a point. (changes should not be aplied until they use the correct symbol)

 19  Postage Setup Closed Task Description

Changing the Postage setup whilst having items open will change the open items shipping. This can potentially cause problems if the listing was created whilst Item based shipping was selected. I have changed to Custom Shipping Location groups and now the X-Dart listings show no shipping available.

My suggestion is that any changes to Postage Setup should not affect existing listings as these listings can't be manually modified once running/in progess.

 70  Postage error when combining multiple purchases Closed Task Description

I reproduced this bug severl times, please take a look.

To reproduce:
As a seller stablish a flat rate shipping (for example 2 for the first item and 1 for each additional) and put several items on sale.
As a buyer buy multiple quantities from diferent items from the same seller, then combine purchases. Then buy some more items from the same seller, (as if you forgot to buy something, as you didn't paid the first combined invoice you can ask the seller to combine them again.)

Then as a seller combine the new invoice with the already combined one.

Repeat buying and combining to see the bug

That's the steps I did to obtain the bug, I don't know if it can be obtained in other ways, I'm just reporting what I've got, and how I've done to get the bug.


283Postage CalculatorDeferred Task Description

Please do not allow Postage Calculator in auction detail page if input quantity is more than the quantity in stock
Example. I have one items with quality = 1 and shippng cost = $5.00 but when buyer want to buy with quantity = 10 the system will caculate shipping cost = $50.00 but i have only one item.

 94  Pls hide "Add to cart" button when quantity = 0 Closed Task Description

PPB v7 allow "Add to cart" button when quantity = 0. Please check!

 208  PayPal Adaptative Payments Closed Task Description

I just want to suggest if possible that on the future V7 uses PayPal Adaptative Payments.

This PayPal Feature can allow a buyer to pay all items on the cart from different sellers at once.

So with Adaptative payments built on V7 a buyer will only have to make 1 payment regardless of how many items he have on the cart even if they are from different sellers.

It would be a very nice feature to have on our new version. and our customers would love it.


 273  Payment options on reg page Closed Task Description

Would be great if admin could turn on/off payment gates fields on user registration page. It would be very helpful if user can fill up his eg. paypal details on reg page.

 44  Page feedback (display-feedback/USER) Closed Task Description

When an item is deleted, it appears instead the title "Listing Deleted", it would be interesting to archive the title of the item on a SQL table, to improve the SEO, let the title of the item sold. The link would not active on the title, of course.

 282  Order as a Guest Closed Task Description

There are a lot customers when order they do not want to open an account. So if PPB add an option that order as a guest like Ebay. They'll have the option to register for an account after purchase.

 117  Option Seller's other items in member area Closed Task Description

Like Ebay if PPB have option Seller's other items link in Buying/purchased or Buying/Offer

 143  option free shipping Closed Task Description

it is great if add free shipping check box near the postage.

 118  Option disable Carousel featured auction in homepage Closed Task Description

Option disable Carousel featured auction showed homepage in Admin area
In this option you can chose how many rows to show,how many items like V6.11

 146  Option change user name Closed Task Description

Need an option to change user name?

 398  Open a store text: Language / grammar issues Closed Task Description

“Our stores allow you to reach more buyers. With our elegant design layout and choice of subscriptions, there is sure to be a package that suits you. Get on board now.”

Here is a suggestion!

“Open a store today and reach more buyers. Our stores offer elegant design layout and powerful tools to help you manage, promote and grow your business.. Get on board now!”

 336  Open a new window when we click on an item  Closed Task Description

When we click on an item it would be more interesting if it open in a new window, and it would be more easier to compare 4-5 items ?

Is is possible to do it ?

 46  oops custom fields page Closed Task Description

on the custom fields page i added a custom field incorrectly and i messed up the page. i dont see a way to delete it.

363Ont-time User Verification Endless Loop & Other Verific...Deferred Task Description

When a user is verified using a one-time verification payment, the “Get Verified” button is still visible right after the payment is made, although the status says Verified. Very confusing to the end user. Suggestion: Button needs to be hidden with on-time verification.

No email is being sent to user when they verify their account via PayPal. Only email is from PayPal. User should get an email from website with invoice and a message should appear that the $1 was refunded back to their account (when this feature is turned on from the admin section). Not a good customer experience. Makes this feature half baked.

Design issue as well: The verification page loads outside the section it is supposed to be in (Home > Members Area > My Account > User Verification). The breadcrumbs are lost as well as the location of the page in regards to the side menu, and the the user is lost.

 412  Number of newsletter recipients incorrectly displayed Closed Task Description

The number of newsletter recipients is inflated. Newsletter was sent to all users, currently 4 testing users accounts in total, message says:

Happy Birthday Sending in progress
21 recipients remaining

 24  Notification of where item is Listed. Closed Task Description

Members Area > Selling > Open

There is no way of telling which items an end user's items are listed on the site, in a store or both.

Could be part of Status?

 289  Notification email in admin when have new user Closed Task Description

I think it should be better when have it

 108  Not sold notification Closed Task Description

As an end user, if an item of mine does not sell, I would like to be able to easily identify which of my items has not sold. At present, an item is simply listed as closed and the only way to tell which item has not sold is through email notification.

 264  Non Translatable words Closed Task Description

I am translating PHPPROBID 7.2 to Arabic and I cam across some words that do not have a reference neither in the PO or in PHP language files, so I could not translate them. I have snapshots of those words showing their locations, but I do not see a feature here to upload files. I will try to explain the locations below:

1. The word “Store” appearing as part of “Default Store” when you first login to the user control panel; “/members-area/” 2. The Two statements “Pending Feedback” and “Feedback Left” at /members/reputation/browse
3. The words “checkout”, “Get Quote”, “Update Cart”, and “*stock is reserved for 30 minute(s)” in the cart page “/cart/?id=4” 4. The words “standard shipping”, “Free - Pickup”, “Item”, “Select address”, “new address”, and “ship to a different address” in the checkout page /listing/cart/checkout/id/4”

In addition, in the product bidding page, the statement “Place Bid” are repeated on both, the button and before the price. What I mean by repeated is that they both have the same reference in the language file. They should be split in the language file so I can put more explanation to the one before the price.


 220  NO SPACES IN USERNAME Closed Task Description

By default in probid website users can register usernames even with spaces, what may lead even to database errors of your website.

This mod will stop it by adding a restriction to be able to register such username containing spaces.


 10  No option for setting relist fee/discount? Closed Task Description

I can't seem to find the option. so this may or may not be a bug.

 85  No Option for Send Newsletter to User? Closed Task Description

In PPB V6.11 have send email system to registered users(Newsletter subscribers, user) but in V7 removed it?

 200  No left column at My account /user verification Closed Task Description

Pls add left column at My account/user verification

 414  Newsletters not going out. Closed Task Description

Newsletters are not being sent, although the admin page says sent. Even simple text emails. Using SMTP from SendGrid and other website emails are going through fine.

 52  newsletter sending issue Closed Task Description

After creating a newsletter in the admin section: If you do not send the newly created newsletter right away and decide to edit it, (i.e. open newsletter - do your edits - then save) then it does not give you the option to send it anymore. It says it's been sent already - but it hasn't.

Shouldn't you be able to resend a newsletter multiple times?

 413  Newsletter html editor should not allow video embedding ...Closed Task Description

Obviously will not work so why allow it!

 15  New Bid Notification Closed Task Description

When receiving a new bid notification, the current bid listed is the the most recent value. It looks to be the value at the time of the bid being placed.

 267  Need register an account link at Login Popup when ask s ...Closed Task Description

When click log in to ask seller a question in product detail page. Need register an account link at Login Popup

351My sales - Grouped the purchases - Check itemsDeferred Task Description

Upon the sale of multiple items to the same person, we are able to group all purchases on one invoice. We can not by cons to withdraw one or more items of this invoice, by unchecking a box. This could be useful for example, if an item can not be shipped with the others, because of its volume or weight. Or an item that the buyer wishes no longer to acquire.

 194  My sale -> Edit invoice (Warning) Closed Task Description

When I edit the invoice, there is a warning, at the bottom of page.

 327  move images on finger touch for mobile user Closed Task Description

It is great if add that function in to anywhere have slide images

190More search option in Members Area > Selling > My SalesDeferred Task Description

Seach item by buyer email, buyer ID, buyer name, item title, item ID,

 130  More option like Ebay Closed Task Description

Like Ebay have more option in Member area/Sell
Add column: Views/watchers
Shipping cost under the Auction price
Filter by Time, price, whatchers, views, auction, buy now
Click to drop down menu in left colunm

 274  More Non Translatable words Closed Task Description

I have previously reported some non translatable words and you fixed them in V7.3. However, The more I continue with the Arabic translation, the more I find additional non translatable words. here is a list of the ones I have recently found:


169Mondial Relay carrierDeferred Task Description

Is it possible to integrate the Mondial Relay carrier, which is much used here.

Thank you !

292Mod search by State or Province, phpprobidDeferred Task Description

If your site is for a single country, this mod is for you
Now you can search auctions by state or province,

add this filter on auction_search.

 165  Mobile Version Chrome Issue Closed Task Description


When using google chrome for mobile, if you go → Members area/ Selling / My Sales, when you press the "Action" button that is near each sale, that button opens a menu where we can combine purchases, edit invoice etc. Well that menu can't be seen properly on Chrome, becouse it is cut by half from the right side of the screen.

I doesn't happen on firefox becouse we can move the screen to see the whole "Action" menu properly, so it is working correctly using Firefox, but as I said there's a problem with Chrome.


 69  Mobile Version (2 little bugs) Closed Task Description

1- When the first thing you do when arriving to the website is trying to log-in or register those buttons don't work.
If you press on a listing for example, after that the above buttons start working.

2- On your members area, the Action pulldown on buying/selling activity is cut when pressed, and we can just read half the text.

Tested with different browsers.

 196  Meta description Closed Task Description

It would be better to take into account the 160/165 first characters of the description of the object, and not the title and the name of the category, as is currently the case.

Moreover, the canonical link of the object is now essential
<link rel="canonical" href="" />

 379  Message search & archiving Closed Task Description

Archived messages are not being searched so the warning that pop ups when a message is about to be archived should mention that archived messages will not be included in message searches.

 111  Members Area Store Set Up Bug Closed Task Description

User end - members area - store set up - click on select category button & the categories box appears. Try to scroll through the categories in the box & the text appears outside of the box covering the rest of the text on the page.

The scrolled text should all remain within the box.

Viewed on windows vista pc with internet explorer 9.

 184  Members area -> Selling -> Reserve price and reserve no ...Closed Task Description

It would be nice to indicate the reserve price and also indicate when there is one or more auction, if the reserve price has been reaches or not.

 183  Members area -> Selling Closed Task Description


The username and the country is not very useful in these sections.

 158  Members Area - User Verification / Breadcrumb and left  ...Closed Task Description

On this page we have not the breadcrumb and navigation menu on the left.

 134  Members Area - Open selling - What is the featured item ...Closed Task Description

A link to access to all items that have a "Featured" option would be interesting. Or, add a headband (labeled "Featured") on the thumbnail of the image. It is difficult to remember which item is featured on the home page, when you have thousands of items on your account!

 178  Members Area - Buyer, how to pay the invoice? Closed Task Description

I can not access the invoice and see the mailing address of the seller.

 73  Members Area Closed Task Description

Getting "Resend Email" and then after clicking on "Resend Email" it gives a notice "The email could not be sent, because no email verification is necessary."

Unable to pass that stage to enter Members Area!

 373  Member since date format Closed Task Description

The member since date format is showing date all the way down to the second! Example: 02/25/2017 17:25:38

It should be Member Since 02/25/2017

Why are we showing the minutes and seconds here!

 164  Mbile Version Problem Closed Task Description


when I try to enter the demo website using a mobile phone I can just see the installation V7 step.

I’ll try to add a screnshot from my mobile phone here later.

160MASS AUCTIONS SHIFTERDeferred Task Description

As sites grow, categories start to get full and you have to create sub-categories to better organize the listings. However, PPB has no easy way to move listings from one category to another.

The Auctions Shifter will allow you to easily move listings from one category to another from within Admin.,309.html

 89  Manage categories in Admin Closed Task Description

It is very difficult if alot of user open store and creat Custom Categories. There are a thouthand categorise in a list. How can admin manage it? Did you have any solution? Example 1000 of users open store, one store have 10 custom categories so total are 10.000 categories.

 223  Logo Not Updating Closed Task Description

I replaced stock phpprobid logo with my logo. It shows in admin settings, but it doesn't show in frontend. It removed phpprobid logo on frontend but just replaced it with alt text. I've refreshed tried a few versions of logo and on other computers where it wouldn't be cached but still not updating.

 193  Logo Name Error Closed Task Description


The marketplace logo is only shown if it is called phpprobid.png

It would be nice if the logo could be named as we choose (for example: logo.png) and not only strictly phpprobid.png, so if someone try to download the logo image he will not see the phpprobid words.


 121  Login by via Facebook, Google Closed Task Description

Should be good if you have Option Login by Facebook or Google account?

 120  Login by Email Closed Task Description

Some user did not remember user id but they remember email. So if an option login by email is good choise

222Location FilterDeferred Task Description

It would be good if location search filter could filter down to city level.

 408  Little grammar error - Message reported with blocked ip ...Closed Task Description

This message appears when an Ip address is blocked and show message is selected: Your IP Address ( has been blocked from Registering / Logging In, Purchasing, Messaging by the administrator.
Block Reason: xxxx

Message is missing the word “and” after last comma.

62Little bug on Admin Area / Users SectionDeferred Task Description

Please take a look a this video.

2 little bugs:

1- once we press “edit user options” if we now press “edit user details” it wil not close.
2- it allways bring us to top of the page when we press “edit user details”


 211  Listing previev sometimes don't show listing image Closed Task Description


As the title says, when I'm posting listings on my website from time to time the previev doesn't show the listing image.


 346  Listing display by relevance Closed Task Description

With this display, which classifies items by number, it gives a "static" effect for certain category, if they not too many novelties.

Is it not possible to have a sorting differently, or a "random" relevance which does not base itself on the numbers items.

 185  Listing -> Fatal error Closed Task Description

 312  Limited Length of item title when creat new Closed Task Description

Some time seller type the item title is too long. Now Admin will Limit the Number of Characters to 60 or 100...

394Language Issue: Login vs. Sign in AND Sign up vs. Regis...Deferred Task Description

The use of the word Sign in and Login AND Sign Up / Register together is very confusing. Let’s stick to one!

We use

Sign in using Facebook
Sign in using Google+

The link in the header says “Sign up / Sign in”. This sets the precedence for what to follow.

Then the sign in page is somehow titled “login” in the redirect module.

The button to submit the Sign In form says “Login” where it should actually say “Sign In” and the form should say “If you have an account with us, please sign in”

There needs to be uniformity, use let’s use one and stick with it.

“Already have an account ? Log in” should be

Already have an account ? Sign in”

and so on and on...
Same with Signing Up

“Don’t have an account? To register, please click on the link below.” should say

“Don’t have an account? To sign up, please click on the link below.”

 353  Language changing stacked on main lang Closed Task Description

Multilanguage support does not work. Not possible to changing language on homepage flag button ( and same problem on my website too.

 352  Javascript Injection from Listing Descriptions v7.7 Closed Task Description

It is currently possible to inject JavaScript in the user end listing description field. This would allow an attacker to make any number of attacks and this severely compromises the security of the whole system.

For example, the following (or similar) could be added to the source code of the description field of a listing by a user:

window.onload = function () {
if (window.confirm('There is a problem with your user account. Please click OK to log in again.'))

An implementation of htmlawed or htmlpurifier to filter form submissions may solve this issue.

115Item with video only for specific categoriesDeferred Task Description

In the admin, if we could choose the categories where it is possible to include a video would be very interesting.

418Item view counter and total viewsNew Task Description

I am often asked if it would not be possible to put a visit counter and monitored in the members area, in the selling section. Is this something planned on your side?

 332  Item location Closed Task Description

Switch off Item Location or fill in with the standard user Details.
It takes a lot of time.

 135  Item description - Error / Warning Closed Task Description

Warning: array_merge(): Argument #4 is not an array in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping.php on line 913

Warning: array_unique() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping.php on line 913

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping.php on line 965

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping.php on line 965

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Model/Shipping.php on line 965

38Item counts or notfications in the members area.Deferred Task Description

It would be nice to have item counts next to selections. For example

Messages (1 New of X) or Messages (1 New/X)

Buying > Purchases (X)
Selling > Open (X)
Selling > Drafts (X)

You get the idea...

 40  Item condition - New or Used Closed Task Description

That I select New or Used, I can not find this information on the listing of the item.



A new user pays and lists an item. If the new listing requires admin approval, no message is shown to the user to let them know that the listing requires admin approval. This is very confusing to the user and will result in unnecessary customer service and perhaps lost trust in the service.

Also, the seriousness of this bug is greater with timed auctions and time in general. Upon further testing, it appears that auctions awaiting approvals are being timed from the moment they are submitted and not from the moment they are approved. This makes this bug a bigger flaw in the logic of this feature.

In addition to that, when the user previews the unapproved auction, it shows that the clock is ticking, while the listing is in queue to be approved. This is another flaw as the clock for this auction should not be ticking while it is being held for approval.

Time for any queued listing (auctions and products) should not move until approved. All queued listing waiting for approvals should clearly display a message to the user that the item is awaiting admin approval.

Updated 2/26/17

Editing a listing when admin approval is on also puts a listing in queue to be approved and does not stop the clock. The users is not informed ahead of time or before submitting the edits or after submitting the edits that the listing will be held for approval.

Also when the listing is edited, the email sent to the admin is the wrong email. It says a new listing has been added where in fact it is not, it is an existing listing that has been edited.

Finally, if the edit button is pressed by the user to edit an existing listing, then nothing is changed in the listing and the proceed button is clicked, the system puts the listing in the approval queue, and an email (mentioned above) is sent to the admin, although nothing has changed in the listing at all. There should be a procedure that checks for changes before proceeding with other logic.


1- This can be reproduced by dragging one or more jpeg image(s) and dropping over the select images green button or anywhere near It. The loader will start uploading to images and media at the same time. Image will succeed unless below scenario is true, media will obviously not!

2- Uploading a group of images will fail all together, if one of them happen to be over the upload size limit. Again, all will fail after quite a wait and without any error messages. Example: Maximum image upload is set to 8 MB per image with 12 images being uploaded at once. Image 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12 are under 8 MB, while image 10 is 15 MB. After waiting for quite some time, the upload failed all together and no warning was displayed on the screen upon return to the station. Repeated the process and same thing happened. The size of the image must be checked prior to wasting server resources and then breaking the code!

3- Another test was done on single files over the upload limit, no warning is being shown on media or images over the limit

4- Media file upload limits not working. Testing was first done with 10 MB mp4 file. Our set limit is 20 MB for each video with 5 allowed for free. The server set limit is 30MB for each upload. The 10 MB file mp4 was taken with a Windows phone. It does not upload and no warning is shown in the listing page. It shows the progress bar then bar disappears and no warning or video uploaded. We used handbrake to bring it down in size and it worked! We tested again with three videos and nothing over 10 MB is uploading. Here is the confirmation on the back end side of our set limits.

5- The order/language of the upload form text is not logical (images and media uploads):
You can upload up to 15 images. Order Arrange images by drag and drop.
(+$0.25 / image)
First 12 uploaded images are free. Additional images are $0.25 per image.

6- We noticed that images are not being renamed on upload. This is not a good practice. Image names should be renamed and optimized. See optimizing issues to follow…

7- Uploaded image increased in file size three folds! We tested an optimized 500KB jpeg (batched with jpeg @ 80% quality in Adobe Fireworks) and downloaded it back to find out the size is now 1.57 MB. How is that possible? The original image was 1900 x 1337 @ 314 dpi (taken with an average consumer grade Olympus camera) and although it was sized down to 1200 x 844 on the server, the file size increased three folds (both files attached). I tested this again with other images, and again the size increased on the server by at least 1MB with each image. Image uploads must have proper optimization done prior to saving on the server. So far, we tested 20 images, 15 had file size increases.

8- Since the optimization on the images are buggy, the listing loaded slowly and large images loaded so slow, like we are back on dial up!


As mentioned to you in a separate email, custom html pasted in the online html editor does not render certain tags at all, such as line breaks, unordered and ordered lists. Our initial test was from Visual Studio and Dreamweaver html editors. Further testing now confirms that the online html editor is also useless and does not render any kind of lists as well as line breaks. This is simply unacceptable if we are going to charge money for listings. If you look at any listings on marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Wayfair, Etsy, Rakuten etc…, the vast majority, if not all of listings utilize disc style lists to display items specs. We cannot ask out users to use special tags that override bootstrap css!

We can try something like this in our version, but if we start playing around with our CSS and code at the get go, we will end up with a custom version in a week!

@import url(’//’);
ul {
list-style-type: disc !important;
padding-left:1em !important;

We strongly recommend that you do something about this in your next version and looking forward for your recommendation to fix the online html editor!


1- Account details divs and form elements are all over the place. Can use better arranging and spacing.

2- Both buttons above allow for MULTIPLE ZERO withdrawals and credits. We get this screen confirming a FREE withdrawal request and the admin gets the emails too. This bug needs to get fixed asap. Again, not production quality!

3- Finally, on the page and messages pages, messages sent from the admin accounts show the admin username. This is bad for site security! Why not just show Website Admin. Also, the email that the users gets of the incoming message, shows the admin username. Now a good hacker has one less hurdle. Crack the admin password and they have site control.

 33  issue using stock android internet browser Closed Task Description

The theme layout works well on the android browser however on clicking the menu bar that drops down logon/register buy ect the links don’t appear to work?
Not sure if just my end.
again I feel the need for categories is missing.

 126  issue on entry to site Closed Task Description

On entering the site with cookies deleted/cleared

I get an error and the "Cart" Button is missing.

If I refresh it all comes back as it should.

I have replicated this several times on deleting cookies.

Using ie11 win 7

 103  Invoice Error Closed Task Description

Steps taken:

Logged into front end as user x

Browsed to My Sales

Logged into Admin area.

Deleted an invoice number x in admin area.

In user area, select View & Print Invoice number x

Received the following error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function canView() on a non-object in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/module/Members/src/Members/Controller/Invoices.php on line 134

 276  Insurance and Shipping details bug in the checkout page ...Closed Task Description

In Page /cart/?id=5, The insurance and shipping fields are not passed to the next page; /checkout/id/12. You have to select/fill the insurance and shipping details again in page /checkout/id/12.

314Instruction for buyer if seller on VacationDeferred Task Description

In Member area/Global Settings/Vacation Mode
When check Vacation Mode, the seller can type some infomation as follow:
How to contact the seller, when does the seller come back...

 216  Instead First name & Last name by Full name Closed Task Description

In some countries that do not use English. They only use Full name, so i think when register an account you can use Full name like

 129  Instead click Thumb by mouse over in Auction detail pa ...Closed Task Description

Instead click thumb images to show big images by mouse over thumb images it will show big image in Auction detail page

 206  Install folder Should be removed after installation Closed Task Description


I suggest that the install folder should be removed after the installation, so noone can access the install process on the website by writting /install at the end of the URL.

This is a potential risk we should avoid.


 275  In account Mode, Order is confirmed/placed prior to pay ...Closed Task Description


In account mode, when a buyer clicks on "place order" button, the system displays a message saying "Thank you for your purchase." and then an order confirmation email is sent to the buyer prior to payment step completion. This is wrong as the order should not be placed/confirmed until it is paid for.

Please see a snapshot below:


 210  Import listings using CSV EXCEL Closed Task Description

It would be nice that we could have an option for the users who have a large amount of listings to post on our marketplaces, (becouse they already have an online store or whatever), that allows them to upload listings using a CSV or EXCEL file for example.

That could reduce the amount of time needed to post listings on our websites and also to increase the number of listings posted.

what do you think about this?


 112  Image Upload Bug Closed Task Description

User end - members area - sell - create listing. I can't add an image from file to include with my listing. I get the "which program do you want to open this file with" message.

I should be able to just select file & open to add it to the listing.

Windows Vista
Internet Explorer 9

 104  Image Resize Closed Task Description

When using a large sized image as the store logo, the image is resized when going to the store, and on the featured stores page, but is not automatically resized on the invoice. Can this feature be added?

 203  If the seller delete invoice Closed Task Description

The buyer no longer has any visual or track of the item, because the invoice is also deleted from his account.

 337  I click "Edit User Options" and check the box "Assign D ...Closed Task Description

In when I click "Edit User Options" and check the box "Assign Default Store Account", nothing happens.

It is not possible to disable after

 207  How to turn off Adverts ? Closed Task Description

In the admin, it is not possible to disable the banners, we can remove or modify them, but not disable them.

 148  How to change Font family, font size, font color in des ...Closed Task Description

In PPV7 no option to change Font family, font size, font color in selling description ?

 154  How do you think about this? Closed Task Description

I think no need this option in Member area/selling/open as follow:
seller username, address, because if a seller they will know their infomation. Example you know your name, your address. Remove Start time, end time of listing because already have time left column

 234  Hot Searches keywords Closed Task Description

It is easy if in PPB have Hot Searches keywords.


This mod will do that and will allow you as admin to select the categories you want displaying as featured items on the home page. The featured category items will be placed on the home page above the recently listed items and you can set up as many categories as you like.

This mod is very useful for your home page as it will show activity and not leave an empty look for feeling to the site.,163.html

 142  Historical Invoice Data Closed Task Description

If an invoice has been issued, and the seller deletes their account, the invoice will state that the account is deleted. For future accounting purposes, these details may be needed.

 310  Hide user name and location Closed Task Description

When chose Private Site/Single Seller in admin, there is only one seller so i think ppb should hide user name and location in seach page and category page :)

 284  Hide location at category page in colunm left if enable ...Closed Task Description

In this case only show location of the seller

 152  Hide empty Store categories. Closed Task Description

Please hide empty store categories as the same browse categories

 322  Hide empty categories in search page result Closed Task Description

In PPB when i search an item, it showed all categories in left colum although those categories did not have item
Example: when i search "Sony". I put it in computer category but now ppb show all categories did not relate sony item (property,coins, antiques..).

 41  Hide empty categories Closed Task Description

The categories without items in my view should not appear on the site. Also, Google may penalize the websites without content.

 232  Hide categories when click mouse Closed Task Description

When click mouse on "Browse" & "Choose category" button at Browse menu, it drop down categories. But if i want to hide categories i must click again. Suggestion: Just click any where it will hide categories like as in , Amazon or Ebay.

 317  Hide Buy Out & Make Offer or Add to Cart button Closed Task Description

When listing is Closed pls hide Buy Out & Make Offer, Add to Cart button in product detail page/

 307  Hide "History" tab in product detai page Closed Task Description

If the listing has not been sold or there are no offers or the listing has no bids, please hide "History" tab

 266  Have errors at auction page detail when click Share but ...Closed Task Description

Warning: Missing argument 1 for Ppb\Form\Element\ReCaptcha::__construct(), called in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/module/Listings/src/Listings/Form/EmailFriend.php on line 68 and defined in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Form/Element/ReCaptcha.php on line 84

Notice: Undefined variable: name in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Form/Element/ReCaptcha.php on line 86

 156  Have error when disable store Closed Task Description

Have error when disable

 247  HAND PICKED HOME PAGE ITEMS Closed Task Description

Sometimes users does sell good items for very little sums, and due to that reason they do not selects any features, like bold gighlited or home page featured. And they do not select it for very simple reason because usually they cost xx fee.

With this mod you as admin can hand pick the auctions you think are worthy to be displayed on home page like featured auctions, but main diferrence is that it is you as admin picking what auctions to display in that section.

As admin you can set how many items to show in a row, how big the image size has to be and how many items to show on page at all.

If you as admin select more items than you set to be visible on the homepage, the auctions will be rotating randomly on the front page, but there is a link to view all hand picked auctions.

It is a must to have mod for all admins who want to make the auction website look more live and to advertise the items you as admin think are worth advertising.,360.html

 98  Got this error code while listing an item with my Mobil ...Closed Task Description

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory' in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Adapter/PDO/Mysql.php:109 Stack trace: #0 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Adapter/PDO/Mysql.php(109): PDO→__construct('mysql:adapter=\...', 'phppro_ppb7b', 'Aaasss12', Array) #1 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Adapter/AbstractAdapter.php(157): Cube\Db\Adapter\PDO\Mysql→_connect() #2 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Adapter/PDO/Mysql.php(209): Cube\Db\Adapter\AbstractAdapter→query(Object(Cube\Db\Select), Array) #3 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Table/AbstractTable.php(488): Cube\Db\Adapter\PDO\Mysql→query(Object(Cube\Db\Select)) #4 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Ppb/Service/Settings.php(87): Cube\Db\Table\AbstractTable→fetchAll(Object(Cube\Db\Select)) #5 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/module/App/Bootstrap.php(56): Ppb\Service\Settings→get() #6 /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Application/Bootstrap in /home/phppro/public_html/dev/library/Cube/Db/Adapter/PDO/Mysql.php on line 114

 163  Got this error Closed Task Description

Got this error when I pressed on 1 auction from the home page.

Link to the Item:

100Gateway Fees neededDeferred Task Description

I suggest adding Gateway fees, at least for PayPal payments, so this way we as admins can introduce the Paypal fees we are charged when recieving users money.

I mean, to charge the users the Fees we are going to generate on PayPal when they add money on their accounts or when they clear account balance.

This is necesary in order to not loose money.

Something like this:


231Free shipping iconDeferred Task Description

It’s no secret that buyers look for cheaper or less expensive ways to get the items they want and it’s no secret that sellers are looking for creative ways to grab the buyers attention. The bottom line is to make the sale... right?

When purchasing online, both the item price and shipping fees added together can make or break the sale. The item(s) price might be inviting, but when you add shipping, the total price may take the buyer out of budget or create a total price higher than the buyer is willing to pay.

How about including FREE shipping on all your items with the shipping costs included in the selling price. This way all buyers pay the same price for everything you sell. This mod will help both sides:

For sellers. it will add extra advertising by adding a nice attention grabbing icon next to the item(s), which will greatly raise the bar for a successful sale for that item.

For buyers, this FREE shipping icon will stand out and show the buyer their total cost up front without worrying about what the shipping and handling fees are going to cost them.

This is a must have mod for any power seller.,121.html

 166  Footer should be static Closed Task Description

When Featured / Recently listed / etc auctions rotate on the home page the footer moves with them.

That should not happen, only auctions should be moving, Footer should be static.

 338  Folder access "unprotected" from URL Closed Task Description


It is possible to have access to this page, it is even referenced by Google

Best regards,

 131  Fix position of large image in auction detail Closed Task Description

In PPB v7 you did not fix position of large image so if you click at small image, the large image will jump up or jump down depending image size

 296  Fix css for Mobile browser Closed Task Description

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