PHP Pro Bid - Bug Tracker PHP Pro Bid - Bug Tracker PHP Pro Bid: Recently opened tasks 2017-11-30T00:42:07Z FS#418: Item view counter and total views 2017-11-30T00:42:07Z 2017-11-30T00:42:07Z

I am often asked if it would not be possible to put a visit counter and monitored in the members area, in the selling section. Is this something planned on your side?

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FS#417: Facebook Mod Issues 2017-05-20T15:08:19Z 2017-03-03T16:55:49Z

The Facebook Mod needs to be updated. Currently it does not work. No information is being passed from Facebook to the Sign Up form.

FS#416: Critical Issues with Bulk Lister 2017-11-01T07:22:21Z 2017-03-03T15:40:11Z

Please confirm and resolve the following as this renders the entire MOD and therefore the entire solution unusable for us at this time.

We have custom fields in many categories, example: VIN in cars (required) and ISBN in Books (required).

First issue: The sample CSV file downloaded does not have these fields by name, Example: VIN is custom_field_4 and ISB is custom_field_10. Major flaw. How is the customer going to know which is which? It took us ages to realize and map them.

Second Issue: The Bulk Lister wants all custom required fields regardless of the Category selected. Example: We are uploading in Art, yet the Bulk Lister is asking for VIN, ISBN etc.. (All Required fields from unrelated Categories).

Third Issue: The error generated by the Lister looks like that:

‘VIN’ is required and cannot be empty.
‘Mileage (mi)’ is required and cannot be empty.

Again, we are uploading in Art where these fields do not apply and most importantly, now the Lister is calling the Custom Fields by name, while in the CSV sample, it is only giving them header values of custom_field_1, custom_field_2, custom_field_3 and so on.

FS#415: Entering wrong voucher code in listing page does not generate any errors 2017-09-11T10:23:52Z 2017-03-02T02:13:22Z

Voucher form field above listing fees on listing page does not generate any errors when an incorrect voucher code is entered. Also, when a voucher is entered, the page is reloaded without an anchor so the focus does not come back to the form field and user has to scroll down to see if the voucher worked. Not user friendly!

FS#414: Newsletters not going out. 2017-05-20T15:08:00Z 2017-03-02T01:59:44Z

Newsletters are not being sent, although the admin page says sent. Even simple text emails. Using SMTP from SendGrid and other website emails are going through fine.

FS#413: Newsletter html editor should not allow video embedding. Email will not go out. 2017-04-14T10:23:04Z 2017-03-02T01:54:53Z

Obviously will not work so why allow it!

FS#412: Number of newsletter recipients incorrectly displayed 2017-10-10T10:24:45Z 2017-03-02T01:53:04Z

The number of newsletter recipients is inflated. Newsletter was sent to all users, currently 4 testing users accounts in total, message says:

Happy Birthday Sending in progress
21 recipients remaining

FS#411: United States location table is missing data 2017-04-10T12:09:07Z 2017-03-02T01:00:18Z

United States location table is missing District of Columbia and Inhabited territories, along with iso codes.

FS#410: Spelling Error in admin section, Stores Menus 2017-10-10T11:22:29Z 2017-03-02T00:49:12Z

Admin area –> Stores –> Manage Stores

Clicking on Manage Stores actually links to Manage Store Owners. (/admin/browse-users/site/?filter=stores)

Menu should therefore say “Manage Store Owners”

FS#409: Admin is allowed to approve expired listings 2017-09-11T10:24:41Z 2017-03-02T00:41:05Z

This is a problem with timing as mentioned in other reports. If the admin does not approve an item on time, the item will reach its end date and expire before it is approved. If this is the case, the admin should not be allowed to approve an expired listing. The listing should close and either get deleted or archived.